Drying on this heat

Hey all…iv harvested my auto…got 10 nice big colas off her, not including her main stem…my only issue is its boiling hot here right now and my drying tent is hitting 30 degrees…the humidity is not an issue but I’m worried they will dry too quickly…any way of slowing up the dry…i deleafed her fan leafs but left everything else for now…thanks all!!


Looks great now the hard part waiting


What temp was urban grow room bro

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Grow tents hitting 35 at the roots through out the day…freak heatwave is not helping…my other lady is on a flush now so she will be out of there soon…im on day 3 in my drying tent but she’s not dry yet…im happy about this though as was worried the low humidity and high heat would make her dry too fast…leaving on some leaf has definitely helped!! Thanks all…appreciate the replys! :sunglasses::+1: