Drying Method Question

What are your thoughts about using a food dehydrator for drying fruits and vegetables for drying a bud harvest? Keep it set on low and slow?
Hang it first and finish in the dehydrator?
I’ve been waiting a long time… my first grow since 1970. things were much different then.
Just wondering.

Shoot for ~70F and 60% humidity for 7 to 10 days. Slow drying pays off in quality, smell, and taste.

Using a food dehydrator is going to ruin your weed.


Keep a few buds aside for quick dry while the rest dries and cures properly


Dry low and slow. The next part may be harder for an impatient person cure for at least two months… It requires some amount of time to convert the chlorophyll or will be harsh.


You have to have a lot of patience but it’s well worth the wait


Thanks for the feedback. It all makes sense. I’ve waited this long… I can hold out a little longer.
I probably will sample one bud early… it will make a good comparison for the cured buds.

However it comes out, it will be better than what we had in the 60’s and 70’s. Back then, we smoked the leaves… buds were mostly tossed into the mix. Usually there were seeds in it too. We hung it upside down for a week or so and then puffed away.

The process is way more refined now. It’s all very interesting to me. I’ve had to take almost a 50 year break because of my work. I retired 6 months ago and am exploring again and looking for a little pain relief for my old body.

I’m having fun watching her grow and develop… but I want to sample what I’ve grown.