Drying Issues, Again. Buds break up & separate

Awesome, blessings!! :call_me_hand:

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I use the canna coco bricks. I hydrate the coco with full nutrition and microbes for veg girls takes about 3 gallon for a brick

So you buffer the coco brick no matter what coco brand correct? You wash it several times before use? How many times and how many days does it take to wash and buffer. Do you let it dry out when you flush it per say? Can you give me details and procedure of how its done please.

I did not wash my canna coco. All i did was hydrate it. I believe it was 3 gallons if water with tps one, silica, billions and photosynthesis +. Once it was hydrated i put it my pots and tranplanted the girls

Great! And you didnt have any issues?? Im surprised because a lot of people even on the reviews on amazon of those growing weed say it has an extream amount of sodium that should be washed!. But hey if not then great! After i read that! I pulled all my seedling out of the coco immediately because they started turning yellow. And i got nervous so reacted right away. And replanted them in fox farms. But i still want to use my coco when i transfer them to bigger pots.

I used a different brand and thats how @Low showed me 2 do it. Canna coco is very clean

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Thanks buddy for the advice! Glad it worked out well for you! I’ll just leave this here in case you want to look over.

Did you complete the grow successfully? @SilvaBack203 without any issues ?? I deficiency want to use coco !!

All my coco girls including 3x3 flowering girls seem fine

Yeah wish i did my research on which product to buy! Its a freaking pain washing this coco coir bliss

Im lucky been here in this forum and watching some great growers like Low where i picked up some great information and knowledge.

These are my coco girls. The babies are 5 weeks old and waiting for sex.

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Beautiful plants !! I know for sure coco medium is much better for me. I dont mind watering daily. It just makes me mad having water drainage problems!! My plants are so beautiful its a shame im having these problems!!

@Low i hear you are very talented at what you do!! Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Hes kinda mia right now but ig you can look at his journal alot of info there

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Thanks buddy!
Pretty soon my girls will be getting cut down. I’ll be taking some tricome pics soon. I’ll be calling on you for help!

You got this no sweats but im def here

Bruh im going to do the unthinkable right now. I am going to replant one of the girls im having drainage problems with. Im sure it isnt recommended but i rather help her roots than to keep hurting them with the water not draining from grow bags. Or do you think poking holes in the bag will be better? Will the roots be ok if i stab the bottom of the grow bags with a thin pointy spike

I use canna, and also growit. Both in bricks. I didnt see what the original question was though?

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@Graysin please help the growmie out wheneve you have a chance. You have a better experience than me explaining things a little better when it xomes to fabric pots and over watering.

He thinks by feeding to runoff he is killing his girl but i try to explain he got wsit till the pot is really dry before feeding iit again.


Yeah I don’t totally understand the original question. But a few things

Water coco every day or once every other day, depending on how fast they dry up. My bigger pots (3 and 5 gal) get watered every other day. My small ones (solo cups and 1 gallons) get watered every day.

Always water to runoff, because you don’t want the salts building up in the coco. It’s bad.

Don’t poke holes in your fabric pots - it can already breathe through the pots. If you’re having problems with the pot not drying out, it’s because you’re watering too frequently, not anything else. Truly.


Hey buddy thx for responding. My question, if i purchased coco coir for my next grow, how can i start getting it ready. I now know that coco canna is best and doesn’t require as much treatment than i need to with this product coco bliss, thats my understanding so far. I read buffering and washing is needed for this product. How would you go about it?
So far i broke up the brick with distilled warm water. Nothing crazy just a couple of gallons. Next i put it in a large bin with plenty of holes in the bottom for air drying i have a fan pointed towards it drying it faster. Every couple of days i pour a gallon or two of distilled water over it. What is best method for future refrence. Appreciate any advice. Thank you kindly!!

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Give me a minute, and ill get rite back to ya. I made a mistake recently that you can learn from!