Drying Issues, Again. Buds break up & separate

I seem to get the same results from drying and none are good.
First I thought I was harvesting too soon or drying too much.
This time I waited to harvest when the pistels were at least 80% brown.
Buds were plump and dense. Branches are/were cut and hung upside down in the grow tent and in total darkness.
3 days in I check and as all my other attempts, the buds seem to separate back into tiny flower type pieces. They are still damp but again, it’s like the buds are falling apart.
What am I doing wrong?

Do you have pics, I’d be interested to learn from this too?

Sounds like maybe you are getting popcorn type buds which is usually a light problem. what kind of light did you use during growing?
Others will chime in soon. @BigItch @Newt
@Myfriendis410 @OGIncognito @Spiney_norman

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What strain is it? Auto or Photo?
Any pics before harvest?
Could just be genetic but need more info.

Pictures would be helpful. Couple of questions…

  1. What is the temp and humidity in the drying area?
  2. Did you do a wet trim, or did you leave everything on the plant?

Temp in tent is 78 degrees F, humidity is 50%
Autoflower SilverHaze strain. Had same results with Bruce Banner strain (Both are Sativa)
Lights are 200w YaiYan (Y-P2000W)

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From the pictures, I’d guess she was harvested too early. I am basing this on the “hairs” that haven’t curled in. But that could be fox tailing. Really hard to tell at this point.


@The_Angry_Elf I’m wondering if you have pre-harvest pics for better overall context?

I was afraid I might be too soon at harvest again…ugh.
Thought for sure I had waited long enough based on the colors

I don’t sorry.

You really should be looking at trichomes on the flower calyx. Normally pistils will be all brown (except for late foxtails). I would also suggest harvest was too early and missed out on any bulking up at the end of flower.

I would also suspect insufficient light which will cause more airy flower, especially with autos.

Flower should look like this at time of harvest.


Welp…live and learn, right?
Next crop is about ready for transplant into their “forever” pots.
I think I’ll start a grow journal post here and see if I can finally get things right for a Fall harvest.
They are currently on their 4th week and in solo cups.


The good news is that she’s still gonna get you stoned.


Looks early. Next run just let her go till branches wanna fall over. They fatten a lot last few weeks.


Agree with @Myfriendis410 on lighting and you’ll get a lighter less dense bud with Sativas strains. Inadequate lighting is the big culprit and harvesting too soon :love_you_gesture:

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Imho it was harvested way too early (several weaks )only 80% brown and not even recieded yet? Could have a light issue as well but still early.

LOL…I sure hope so.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but an early harvest will be a bit harsh and less potent, correct?

As long as it helps with my pain and keeps me off the opioids, I’m good.

BTW - For all those who care (everyone, right?) I’m currently cancer free still (3 yrs now), the remaining thyroid is doing a nice job covering for the lost one (no need for meds) but I still need to get a brain scan to verify any growth in the tumor, but good side is, I haven’t had the blinding headaches since January…that’s a good sign they tell me.


Less potent, and a bit speedy. And congrats on the recovery!

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This a three part series on drying and curing. I follow it and have had great success when drying and curing.

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Bud’s look to have been harvested early and not at full maturity . Also inside grow light being the most important piece of equipment. Good luck moving forward.