Drying. Is this a good set up for it?

Is this a decent set up for drying ? My first batch went ok but I had to take off work to babysit it.

The controller 76 shuts the humidifier and and dehumidifier.


Personally I just tie mine hanging from clothes hangers in my closet that has slotted doors and let it do its thing, has worked great for me.


I don’t see why that would not work. To me the most important thing is try to keep temperature between 65 to 68 Degrees an humidity 45 to 50 That will get you a slow drying process for a good product. Just my thoughts good luck :v::+1:


I tried that the first batch. It gets up to 75 in my room bc the heat and it’s upstairs with grow lights. Humidity is too low like 40%. I need a controlled environment.

Yeah I’m getting close to what I need I think. Just need air movement and some way to cool it a little bit bc my temp even downstairs is about 70 - 72

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I’m with @kellydans they had you cover

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70゚ will work fine.

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Read up on tobacco drying, air circulation is most important and weed is the same process. I live on the east coast and humidity is often high when I am drying mine.
It normally dries in 2 - 3 days. Then I cut off the flowers and place in tight lidded mason jars to cure opening them daily and stirring around the flowers. I have produced some top quality weed this way, I still have some curing from my late Sept harvest.


I dried in my closet with a fan blowing on a wet towel to up the humidity but I work 10 hours a day so I need something controlled. First batch worked out just had to babysit her. She’s in a grove bad now.

How can I bring the temp down for the next harvest during drying ? A small ac ?