Drying in hanging bag

I just finished my first grow and had similar issues. I got a wedryer and put it in my closet had no smell dried in 7 days I thought it worked great.


Thanks KPC! How loud is the fan? If smell isn’t an issue, might be able to hang it in my kid’s closet. (Only other possible closet also gets pretty hot.)

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Very quiet just a computer fan in it. I couldn’t hear it outside the closet at all.


This is the one I have. has 5 zippered sections and is huge. It doesn’t have the fan or electric, but it was only 23.00

Hey so you kept in wedryer for 7 days? do you ever consider the temp and humidity outside of the wedryer or the the internal environment of the wedryer take care of it? once out of the wedryer and you jar for 2-4 weeks, do you burp it?

what are you feeding nutrients wise for your outdoor in flower?