Drying in hanging bag

Can’t really say. Where I had it had the smell so didn’t pay attention to it. It will be in house this time around so will find out soon


I hear you on cost to build a wedryer… But its nice that you pop it open and it’s just works. I dont have the time(stealth reasons) to mess around with macguyvering a Wedryer. Not saying you are wrong but its marketable.

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Odor is very low. It’s not hang it in your shoe closet while the in laws are there but it doesn’t leave the small area you can run it in. This is my first time using the xl I bought it I think you know and didnt have it in time first grow. It takes 3 minutes to set up. I dont have the original one to see the filter size but I know they’re different sizes. Hey @Nicky can you post a pic of your filter o. Your wedryer? You asked me for modeling pics of mine I was all Austin powers with it.lol

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I get home the 25th… No pics of it Sry but once you see mine you’ll know the XL is the only way to go lol.
I had the in-laws in the living room with it hanging and I think the stench was so minor that they didn’t say anything.
Definitely good if you want to free up your tent, otherwise hang in your tent with carbon filter


Yeah it seems for be handling the smell. Not sure how long that will last. Guessing you can flip the filter to extend it.


Didn’t know that, good to know.
I seen furnace filters with carbon in them… So definitely could make your own box/bag but the wedry packs up and hangs super slick.


Worth mythbusting the carbon filters.

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Thank you for the update. I received an email from them today saying they improved production which lowered cost and they are passing on to the consumer. I may take the leap tonight. I do love my little drying tent tho…


How often @bob420 do you change the charcoal filter. What is the drying time on average? New to this.

Just put mine into service for the first time yesterday for an indoor harvest. The guy was super nice too. The one I ordered from Amazon came with a defective fan, so I emailed the company and told them that I had a harvest coming up and they overnighted me a new XL free of charge. I was very impressed!


Well it worked great! 7 days and about 7 oz of flower was totally dry. Actually a little over-dry, so next time I’ll probably pull them after 5 days. Ambient room humidity was between 50-70%.

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106124323_193585358700695_1282863799115995769_n 106300854_736932940470171_985042692175596623_n just got mine.


@Nicky Hey bro, you’ve helped me on lights, how about the wedryer? Are you satisfied with this purchase? Is the finished product as good as regular air drying? Do you cure the same way afterwards?

I just want a simple solution

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Hey @Nothingshocking, no sweat I can tell you my experience and thoughts for sure.

I got the original, it’s small I definitely recommend the XL. Version.
It works for sure, try to keep buds in as large pieces as possible with as much stem as you can to avoid a speed dry.
The device works for sure and its great if you don’t have a spare room /tent.
Although drying whole branches is ideal and the wedryer original I have doesn’t allow for that. The XL might or at least more so.
Faster the dry the worse final product.

Stoll definitely don’t regret the purchase due to not always having the space in my tents to chop one and dry it in the dark.


Just leaving my feedback here for posterity in case someone looks wedryer up.

I got a deal on black Friday, but a wedryer XL get a wedryer S1.

I started by opening the Wedryer S1, it was plenty big for the plant I just harvested. But not big enough to put complete shoots - see below for the quantity, if I cut them down to buds and not buds and stems, I would think I could fit 2x this amount in it.

But it occurred to me that I was being dumb and should just open the XL. This thing is enormous. Not sure I will ever need the S1 now that I have the XL opened. I could probably fit this entire harvest on 1 level of the XL.

But it’s not a total waste, the fan is exactly the same for both units, and the carbon filter has the same dimensions to fill the slot, but is twice as thick on the XL.

I’m currently drying without the carbon filter because it’s ok if my house smells this week, but I imagine I will just use the S1 parts as back-up to the XL. I don’t think I will ever have a large enough harvest to overfill the XL.

So, so far so good. Happy with the purchase, and while b1g1 isn’t all that useful to me now that it has arrived, I am satisfied to have back-up parts.


Don’t spit up!

This thread and topic is perfect timing as I am 2 weeks (ish) from harvest myself…my question for you guys using the wedryer is this…

  1. leave on stems or remove from stems? (Have read some say to remove and some say not to, so I’m confused here)

  2. do you turn them daily or just set it and forget it? (I have heard of flat spot that takes away from presentation)

  3. what is your avg time to dry when it’s full?

  4. what temp and humidity is the room at that you use it in?

Hey all-I know this is a long dead thread, so might not get any responses, but I figure it’s worth a shot before starting a new thread.

First grow. Flowering now. Don’t have any great options for drying (unfinished basement, good temp, but RH looks to be 66%-72% and it’s a bit musty in there; uninsulated garage, has decent RH, but will likely hit 90F at times by harvest time).

Wondering if the wedryer might work in the basement. Anyone know if the air intake is filtered at all? If so, seems as though that might correct for ambient RH and mustiness….


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welcome to the forums @ElDuderino lots of great folks on here with a wide range on knowledge. i just looked it up and humidity should be 60 to 65% for curing/drying pot, so your basement is pretty close to being in range. my basement is 35 to 45% most times and it dries the pot out too fast. i can only let hang for 4 or 5 days and it gets too dry.

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Thanks monkman!

Yeah, I’ve been seeing 55-60rh as ideal in places, and based on my hygrometer, the basement seems to mostly be HIGH 60s, creeping into low 70s. That plus the musty smell down there leaves me worried about just doing a standard hang dry (even though that seems to be the preferred method). Just trying to think through my options.