Drying in florida

I was wanted to know how long do I let my girl dry inside grow of one plant

Till dry feeling on the outside but stick still bends, then put in jars. Two or three times a day, ( the warmer the room you stash your jar in the more you’ll have to open the jar and let access moisture out. This technique uses the moisture still in the stick to re-moisturize the bud. If you neglect to open and air out the jar enough your buds could mold or taste like hay. I have recently decided to put fresh buds right in a paper bag until the stick snaps like a twig.

7-10 days hanging drying in a cool dark closet or the grow tent with lights completely off and just fans , it’s better that way cause you can kind of control the humidity in the grow tent . After 7-10 days drying , the stem should snap like a dry stick and not bend , once you have successfully dried the buds , place in a brown bag for another 1-3 days , depending on humidity , are you can place directly in mason jars , and burping the jars by opening them every 4-6 hours for about 20-30 minutes for 4-6 weeks to get best quality .