Drying in adverse conditions

Curious for advice on best practices for drying a harvest in adverse conditions. Specifically in high heat and low humidity conditions.

Outdoor drying near me this time of year would mean temps in the 80s-90 F and humidity between 10% and 20%. My house is poorly insulated with bad air conditioning - my house tends to run about 75 - 90 F and just as humid as outdoors.

Obviously a humidifier would boost up the moisture in the air, but there’s still the issue of high temp. Any tricks of the trade to get a solid dry in these conditions? Thanks!

I use an unused bathroom in the house and control temps to the low 70’s and humidity ~60% with airflow and a humidifier. Too low of humidity and the product will dry out too quickly and ruin it. It will be weak in strength and taste terrible.

Thanks @MidwestGuy! How do you control temps without an AC? Portable AC or something of the like? Seems like that may be my only option, but always curious for pro tips.

Agree on the quality issues of a poor dry. May just have to make tinctures/edibles with my first harvest when it’s hot and hope my other plants are ready to harvest in fall when it starts to cool.

Airflow helps, but you probably need to cool the space if too high. Portable air conditioners can help, but be aware that you need to route the A/C exhaust out of the room or you will increase the temp more than you cool it.

Considering this ice fan too… It’s a pain to constantly refill with ice, but an option I guess.

Anyone ever use something like this for drying?

I’ve been using fridge to dry my bud, look up low and slow dry method.



Purist will say different but this allows me some of my best bud.

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Mind blowing!!! Thanks for the pointer @Gammagoat

And confirmation @oldmarine !!!

I used that in my garage to keep my chicks cool and it did absolutely nothing. Maybe it would work in a tiny room though. :woman_shrugging:

Portable swamp cooler solves both problems