Drying in a hot garage

Need some advice guys. Have 2 plants that I plan on dry trimming and the only place I can dry them is in my garage. It gets hot during the day like 80 degrees than cools down at night. I plan on just hanging the whole plants And have plenty of fans but will it dry out too fast? I wanted to get all the fan leaves off before drying but now I don’t know.

As for curing, will the garage be too hot for the jars? My wife won’t let me cure them in the house :man_shrugging:t2:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


What are your night temps and what humidity? My biggest concern would be either really high humidity or big fluctuations of temp and humidity. I just dried half of a plant in my grow room at 86* and 50% humidity. The other half went in my dry tent at 72* and 50% humidity. The grow room half dried faster than I’d like but now the whole plant has been in jars for a week, I can’t tell the difference between them.


I will say if it drys too fast you’re going to run the risk of it smelling and tasting like hay. Leaving all leafs on it will help it dry slower. After you get it dried Jar it up will contain the smell , put it back in the house in a cool dark place. You may have to time your grows were you can dry in your garage when the temperatures are cooler. I know late fall early winter my garage gets pretty cool. Good luck


Night temps are 65 degrees and 80 humidity
Day temps are 85 degrees and 50 humidity
I hope this doesn’t mess up the drying because the garage is the only place I can dry them

Yeah, quite the roller coaster of humidity and temp. It’ll likely affect the overall product but you have to work with what you got.

I got them in the garage with 2 fans on em. But the middle of them are so packed so do I need to worry about mold? Or should I hang every branch individually?

If your humidity is higher than 55% I’d hang the branches separately.