Drying huge colas


you got that right.

Sorry i sent the wrong pic of that cola. Both pics are the same cola. Ill semd em now.

My main question is how should i dry a huge cola like that so rot doesnt set in? Ive heard people say that huge colas usually have to be torn apart to dry so theres no rot. But damn i woukd like to be able to just dry this girl as is!!! So whats the best way to dry a huge cola like this, wo having to break it up?

Keep a lot of air moving but not blowing directly at it. If you can keep rh and temp as close to 60%/60° as possible, you might be ok. Idk. That’s a nice fat fxxxing cola though.

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You can improve your chances by doing a peroxide rinse immediately after chopping. I rinse all of my buds at harvest time.

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Just keep air circulating, you should be fine. I dry big ones like that all the time.