Drying help? what does mold look like and how does it affect the smoking


While drying, the buds seemed to turn a bit white. When I was pulling buds off of the stems I noticed what appeared to be a white looking smoke or powder coming off the buds. Any ideas?


If that is mold, please don’t smoke it


Pics are a must in this case. I’m told that a black light will reveal mold.


Just to be clear, smoking or using moldy bud in any fashion will make you very sick! @nuthouse


Breaking a bud and a puff of powder comes out. that’s mold. The buds start to look fuzzy and the smell is gone. If so and it’s early, I would throw it in an oven for 45 mins at 175° and bake something after.


What would putting it in the oven do to the buds or mold?


Thank you for your help.


This is powdery mildew, but a mold infestation, I don’t think this is suitable, but it’s the best I can come up with…


Thank you for the help and information!


mate why dont u use silicon gel the ones u get wid yr shoe box that wat it for to stop mold


Honestly, I’ve never battled even the smallest mold problem lol, so I’m probably about the least experienced person to talk about mold. :man_facepalming:
Even when I dry, I don’t take any temp or humidity readings, I just hang them in my garage and put a fan on them and never had a problem one, lol, lucky I guess



Oh you’ll know it. Keep your harvest in open air until it’s quite dry. If it’s in jars or bags Frequently open them to air. fluff up.