Drying harvest outside

A question from a fellow grower:

If drying outside is the only option, how should I go about doing it?

you need dark, dry conditions, cool temps, fresh air

you have no access to a shed or out building or garage?

how much are you drying?

what’s the weather like where you live?

I’m planning on around 10 plants and its a guerilla grow so hauling out that would be impossible and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it stinking up my property. I’m in Connecticut and theres some dense coverage near by that could help block the sun. I was thinking parachute cord between 2 trees and a tarp over top. It risky but it my only option so I’d like to do it as good as possible. Thanks for the help

If it rains while you’re drying, even if the buds are protected by a tarp, the moisture in the air will cause lots of problems. Even the moisture in the night air will cause problems. You may not feel comfortable with stinking up your property, but you may have to ask yourself would you rather be paranoid while it drys at home for a week or dry it outside and have a very good chance of losing your whole crop


Let’s see…you want ten outdoor plants in CT., growing season is May to October. It is weather dependent…morning dew, freezing temps, high humidity. There have been snow storms in October where you live…better plan for that. In fact, the freezing temps will be why you are harvesting, unless they are autoflower.
You have got to bring it indoors eventually to manicure and bag…can’t you get some help harvesting and use their place to dry? You’ll have pounds of bud if successful, trade some for help and a place to work?

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