Drying for 4 days noticed a hay smell in dry tent... Is this normal?


Drying for 4 days noticed a hay smell in dry tent… Is this normal?

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Yes perfectly normal the hay smell will go and the good stink will return once you cure it, or should say if you cure it



Thanks… Yep going to cure… I am hoping to get 10-14 day total dry… Then off to quart jars with mini hygrometers for 1-4 months.

It is going to be tuff… Haven’t puffed since end of July after getting screwed on 2 zips of crap and don’t know other sellers.

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@MeEasy has you covered here I’ll add my 2c.

be sure you focus on the stems and buds dryness not just by the days you dry.

The general rule is to jar when small stems break and not bend personally I like to jar right before that.

Also if you have an air tight container like a 5 gallon bucket or Tupperware I suggest tossing it all in one with a hygrometer and burping it as needed because this allows it to equalize together and makes less work for you.
Move it around each time you open it to ensure nothing get squished and holds mosture.


Small stems still bendy… No snap yet… Are my temps and humidity good?

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You tell me what are they lol.
Should be room temp. Maybe a bit cooler, slight bit of air movement in there and humidity should be 50%


I like @Nicky said don’t go by the stems plus I live in the desert where it’s not unusual for our humidity to be 15 or lower so I’ve learned my own ways to dry. I hang em for a day then lay em down on a screen to slow the drying down and then take many other steps I’m sure you don’t want to read for 10 minutes.

Guess what I’m saying is I don’t dry like anyone else I know so my advice is it’s probably better to ask someone else. I can tell you that they smell like hay until they are cured but will confuse you with all my other steps I’ve learned over 36 years of trial and error


Sorry… I had posted pics… Currently set at 55rh and 62f

If you feel like sharing… I love to learn… At 48 y/o I am still a sponge for knowledge.


62f is fine, that will help slow your dry out mine is always like. 23c so. Mine dry faster than I want unfortunately.
The key is to remember your true cure doesn’t start until. The humidity inside the container with the bud stabilizes at 59-62% then you can toss a humidity pack in seal it and add start the cure timer. Give it 3 weeks minimum is my recommendation.

@MeEasy yes we all have to learn our ways in our space

Eh I’m only 32 so I got tons to learn yet.


I just have to add an extra step or two to help slow the dry. Like I won’t trim leaves before I hang em because it helps hold the moisture a little. I only hang em for 1 or 3 days then the largest stuff goes on sweater racks we used to use window screens if you do make sure that they are not fiberglass screens. The small stuff can go straight into tubs to be burped down to 65% and moved into jars continue burping twice a day to 60% add bi moisture packs burping only once a day until they start to stink better then once a week mainly to check em out. Of course the big stuff follows the small in all steps… Hope’s are that the big stuff will catch up with the small in the tubs so it can balance together but doesn’t always work out like that

I’m sure I forgot something in there but it goes like that. If I were to hang em for 4 days which I’ve done as soon as you grab a cola it turns to powder


Awesome… Thank you for all the detail! I will consider getting a screen drying rack to help… If wife allows more spending, will get it for the last of my harvest… 6 larger bushy plants…ready in the next couple weeks.

I only cut the largest leaves and any leaves that were fugly from nute burn.

I truly appreciate both yours and @Nicky help! Thank you for your time today you both put my mind at ease.


How did it work out?

I plan on harvesting within the week on my first plant. Lots of good info here, thanks🤙🏼

Anyone use Boveda packs immediately after drying? I like the idea of using the largest container possible to cure it all together. Would it hurt to add a pack in there? Would you even need to burp at that point?

For what it’s worth, I just stumbled on this.

Also, I talked myself into getting one of these to simplify my curing process​:call_me_hand:t3::sunglasses: https://store.bovedainc.com/products/cvault


Worked out great!

After all 9 plants harvested, dried, trimmed and jarred… About 1.5 lbs.

All plants, from random bag seeds, were in a single 4x4 tent until about 3/4 way through flowering. I plan on growing 2-3 plants maximum from now on.

All great… But for the seeds… Had a herm issue from an uncovered led light on a humidifier during flower dark period.

Those corrections plus using ILGM fem seeds next time.

Thanks to: @BobbyDigital @Hellraiser @Nicky @MeEasy @Myfriendis410 @KeystoneCops @Covertgrower for all your help and kindness.


Curious to see if hay smell goes away

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Burp n burp n burp and it will go away or should anyways I’ve had a couple over the years that never smelled real good


Good to know thanks

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