Drying & Curing

Whats the best way to dry and cure properly? I see bags that advertise they do it all without haven to burp or anything else, are these worth the money? I want to produce the best possible and would hate to screw it up on the final step. Thanks in advance for your tips!

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Survey says 60 deg f and 60% Rh for 7-10 days until buds are stable at 62% or until a pin type wood moisture meter reads 12%.

Yes, but you do have to dry first. Make sure they are authentic and Grove Bags are wonderful for the cure and long term storage. I have had buds in them for a couple of months and were as fresh as the day they went in.


60/60, but realistically I don’t know how a person would meet that environment, so just dry as cool and slow as you can based on your environment. I use jars because I’m to cheap to pay for grove bags.


Where do you insert the pins of the moisture meter for your reading? The bud itself or the stem?


Stem is the best place because that will have most of the moisture content.


Thanks, brother. I am REALLY excited about this meter and the grove bags!!! Seems too good to be true, honestly. :grinning:


I say that every time I chop something down… lol
We all started somewhere, and we are all here to support you. We love weed too.


Question, everyone I’ve seen on here has said to check the bud itself not the stem. Why would we check the stem? Just curious because that would have more moisture than the bud and is going to get removed anyway just wondering?

60/60 is ridiculously hard to maintain lol. I have an AC unit with an inline fan sucking the air into my tent and I can’t get it lower than 68 :joy: that’s with freezing my house.


Thank you, my friend.
My last grow (also, my FIRST grow) was a NY Diesel auto and Northern Lights auto. I harvested them WAY too early (was watching the trichs on the leaves, not the bud…. Of which there was very little). AND THEN I didn’t wait long enough when drying and lost half of my already sh!tty weed to MOLD. It’s a total mess, dude. So I have a BEAUTIFUL white widow photo that is nearing completion and two Acapulco golds and I was feeling a lot of trepidation when considering I would need to dry and cure these beautiful buds soon. I am TOTALLY stoked now. :grinning:


Yes it is. I settle for whatever the room is and adjust the dry time as needed.

The stem at the base of the bud only, not the branch.


Patience my friend, you have at least a couple more weeks to go from looking at those pics.


Yes sir (or ma’am?). I will not be making the same mistakes twice. :joy::joy:


Yea grove bags are worth it just for how much labor theyll save you in burping jars, my rule of thumb is when small branches start snapping theyre done drying


Just put it in the grove bag once its dried and leave it alone? How long do you let it sit in the bag before its good to go? Appreciate the replys!


Ive also seen hacks where they use brown paper bags… Is this a bad option? Best to simply hang it? Appreciate your feed back big time!

About 4 weeks minimum is recommended I believe. That is what I shoot for but I have smoked it as soon as it was dry enough. I think Grove Bags has a video or something where they describe their recommended method. It includes “sweating” the buds at the end of the dry cycle. That involves sealing the buds up and letting the moisture equalize more before putting in the bags.(I think :thinking:, never watched it LOL)


Old school and perfectly acceptable. :+1:
I use a cardboard box with vent holes cut in 2 sides.

Whole plant

or branches


Easy to control humidity or just let it go using house air only?

That is what I am stuck with. I’m not gonna win the Cannabis cup but I get way better weed than I can afford off the street.