Drying/Curing Holy Grail?

Hi, What im trying to understand (since im a first timer) is how DRYING will produce STICKY buds (maintain)?

This is why i ask… Imagine a time long long long ago. (1998) The average 1/4 was $25/35. Well for only a few times, i knew someone who had a connection for good stuff, what we called ‘KB’ at $75 for an 1/8. (Remember this price was almost 25yrs ago.) HANDS DOWN, the dankest ive ever smoked. I BS you not that it was the holy grail. Everything since, ive compared to that weed and all have failed. Even my 2nd best doesnt come close to that stuff.

First of all, it was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely beautiful to the point that it felt like a crime to even break it up. The smell was ridiculous. It was like i caught a skunk having sex with a pine tree and put them in a baggy. Inside 3 ziplock bags and the smell was still ridiculous. And the high? Granted, i was on my 3rd joint to myself, but it hit me so hard that i flicked that expensive joint out the window, i had the sensation of gnomes for fingers every time i drew my cigarette to my face, and eventually pulled over to a closed gas station and sat there for 10 minutes considering calling 911. Ha!

NOW, my point is this. You could chalk up all that hype in my memories to just being how i fantasize a memory. But i know it all to be true and the physical fact still remains that it was so sticky, i couldnt keep it off my fingers and it was so sticky that rolling a joint was challenging, sticking to my fingers and paper like ive never experienced.

SO… NOTHING ive bought on the streets or in dispensaries has EVER been as good as that one connection (quite possibly a god). So im curious of the correlation between Drying Vs Stickiness?

I just feel like theres no way to get bud THAT sticky after drying and sitting in jars. OR… Are there alternative ways of what you can do after harvest? Maybe the god did it differently? Sorry for the length, but i needed to be clear. Thanks for your time.

*Im sorry. Let me rephrase that im curious if that ‘holy grail’ had been dried at all? I hear that plants can be a pain to cut because of the stickiness. And are buds possibly more powerful and smokable if you dont dry them as much? I cant help but make a correlation between the nice moistness in the buds along with sticky trichomes and such a strong quality high.

If you don’t dry them, they will mold and then rot.


Ok. So how can be weed be THAT sticky if it was dryed? Not doubting you. Just wondering how. It seems contradictory in this case. Just meaning, the best weed ive ever smoke was also the stickiest ive ever smoked.

Possibly was one of those 6 month curing processes ive heard of? Maybe that helps somehow?

I knew a guy who grew weed. He ended up getting busted caught him with like 100lbs of dry weed alone not counting the mothers or the veg and currently in flower. But his weed was super sticky and always good. I asked him one time why it was and he had told me that he took sprite and water mixture and misted them once it was already dry! Then dried them a bit more :man_shrugging:

Not saying this is what happened to yours but that weed was very hard to roll! And very sticky……

This was about 20 yrs ago

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INTERESTING. So this increased visual/physical sale appeal? As in it was good bud, but a trick for the sticky part. Or are you saying that this was possibly an old school way of having an overall better product through unknown science?

Also getting busted with that much 20yrs ago? Ouch

The sticky resin which is made up of the trichomes we look at to determine harvest times is oily and will not dry out at the same rate as the plant material if at all.


He was growing hydro his weed always look and smoked amazingly. According to him it’s also added some weight.

Tbh me and the guy never got along so we didn’t get to talk much but he was the best grower of weed I knew! He had idk 15 different strains and all were amazing! So I’m not 100% sure he was telling the truth

He also told my brother-in-law the same thing and they were good friends to each other until he got busted and started snitching :man_shrugging:.

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That is a cheat/hack to add weight and make it seem better than it is. Same thing has been done with apple juice and it ruins the smoke, taste and smell.


Haha it’s very possible @HMGRWN i just remember him saying he did it and I smoked plenty of his weed and got high each time. And I was what we called designated roller :joy::rofl:

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Its just having my holy grail experience 25yrs ago and nothing comparing since… I feel like that (most likely a) backwoods retired genius scientist farmer guy might have known some old school trick that the majority of the “newer/younger cannabis community” might not know. I keep hoping to find out a “weird secret trick” for a holy grail. Like raisins mixed with porcupine poop or something. Ha

Well, drying does not really affect the resinous oils that make the buds sticky. I suspect genetics, and a damn fine grower.


Also, it wasnt just a Sprite spray thing. Even the specific type of throat hit/burn was of a quality you had to acknowledge. And no doubt that bag smell was natural.

Most likely Newt. Not what i like hearing because that means i may never achieve such a crop. But yes, he/she was Cannabis Cup worthy.

Heres a random followup… It gets up to 105 - 110 degrees here and sometimes, it can get from 80 - 90 degrees in my place/tent for about 7hrs of the day. Other than that, in the 70s. Do you think those 7 or so hours are effecting my ideal environment enough to make a difference?

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Trichomes. I’ve never bought anything as sticky as I’ve grown.


I used to get some skunk/pine smelling weed, grown locally, that you could smell from a distance outdoors just from opening the bag. I believe it was grown in the Florida panhandle where Holmes county is our local version of Humbolt county in No. Cal. It is my goal to recreate that dankness indoors someday.

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Are you sure it wasn’t laced with something else?


I seriously wondered that because for the next 2 days, a part of that high would come back randomly for a few minutes, but just a wierd part that i didnt like.

But that one time, i chalked it up to smoking way too much of the highest grade marijuana on the market. The other times were just strong highs. The other reason i doubted it was simply because of the other grade A qualities it had. Everything about it said “Warning: Enjoy with caution” lol

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