Drying/curing help. First time grower

I have recently harvested from my outdoor plant and I’m not sure how to properly dry/cure buds I have cut off the main leaves and left the sugary leaves and I am not sure how to store to dry I heard that you must put inside of a paper bag, but I do not have a paper bag so I am using paper towels in the included pictures is this too tight of a set up that requires more airflow or should I leave it how it is or secure it more?

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Have you read this? Curing Cannabis: Best Method to Dry and Cure 2022
I harvest, wet trim all the leaves/sugar leaves, hang in the dark for 5-12 days, then trim buds into jars, burp for a few months…

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Glad to see this…looking for tips myself. Have a screen drying rack in spare room. Keep it dark and a.c. running. Wonder if I should have a dehumidifier???

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Depends on your humidity. But if your in flower now & dont need one you shouldnt need one for harvest.

I was told a paper bag was the best way. I think maybe the paper towel draws out good stuff. Not sure. But all the old school folk always say to use paper bags

Paper bags dry really quickly, I’m assuming paper towel does too. A slow dry/cure is optimal.

Quick question. A couple of my friends that have worked for large operation here in California with growers said they (commercial size operations) used the large home depot black and yellow crates to cure in. Now they have hundreds of pounds. That was interesting to me. Have you heard this?

Also the hanging baskets that you might put bananas on…like from the 70’s and 80’s works well. I’ve done that before. Just an idea

I’m sure the crates work for curing. I prefer quart mason jars at my level of production.

Ask again, because I would bet the whole room those trays are stored in for drying or curing are in ginormous climate controlled clean rooms. Your mason jar on a huge scale.

So the air is not too much? That is really cool if you have enough to try that method.

I think slow cure is the best, keep them on the stem and when the stem breaks, in a few days I trim the buds off and put them in Mason jars. I open them and let them dry a few minutes twice a day for a couple weeks then open the jars every day for a few minutes. You don’t want them too wet they will mold and too dry is a bad deal. I seen a you tube video on a 17 day cure but never done it but I hear it works fine.

Yeah that’s crazy

The glass quart jar method is inexpensive and is a very good efficient way for curing. Good luck

Also, there is a thread on here about the weight of your harvest. The experiment done on there (wet-weight/dry weight) showed the general rule is that you lose 75% to 80% of your freshly snipped weight to drying.

Weigh your fresh snipped plant/limbs/buds and monitor that during the drying process.