Drying/curing for a newbie

You may find this helpful.

The meter seems to be idiot proof, after all i got it to work! LOL sincerly do some research here there is a lot of info on this in the last year here. I can add you to my thread on “Grove Bags” where is discussed in detail. Search in that thread.

OK I’ll give it a try…not the grove bags but the moisture meter. I may have tried it at one point on stems. Anyway, I hope all this helps @crowlehh.

Dont test the stems, only the buds.

So I got home to the jars being at 60-65 which is perfect, very citrus smell and piney. No skunk smell yet?

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Now starts the burping

If they’re at 60-65% I only have to open the lids and give a little shake and close up again right?