Drying/curing for a newbie

So, my first grow is officially done. I hung the bud upside down in tent with light off and a fan until the smaller branches snapped. We then trimmed and put in mason jars. At the moment I’m having trouble with the RH getting above 55% for that best cure zone. I added a damp paper towel in the mason jars lids which helped get it to 65-70. Ten mins after taking the paper towel out it was bad to 55%. Kind of unsure what to do at this point.

Added a pic of the trimmed GG4 from ILGM


Should add I don’t smell much hay/grass. Hard to distinguish because gg4 is suppose to smell earthy and piney. I do get a citrus type smell as soon as the lid is open. The girl smoked some of the trim from the buds and said it was smooth, and hit her instantly so that’s good. Just want to cure it the right way and need some tips, you find so many different articles online my heads spinning.

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Did you have any trim left (I always freeze mine, for this reason)? If so add some back to the jars. If not, try a small piece of orange peel.

And the smell will change during the curing process.


@crowlehh definitely don’t put a wet anything in the jar with your bud or else you are asking for mold to be part of your smoking pleasure…Bovida packets is what you need in the jar with your harvest…

I had the damp paper in the lid, never touched the buds.

If you are going the Boveda route, I would suggest some double-sided tape, and taping it to the lid, rather than letting it sit in with the buds.

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Ive used green leaves dropped into jars and it helped. Ive cracked the lid and breathed really deep and fog the inside if the jar several times All worked and used a couple boveda packs in each jar.

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Do NOT leave orange peel in the jars! Trust me you may get MOLD. That sucks!

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What @Retiredoldguy said! Best to get some Humipaks or Baveda packs or something to stabilize the RH in the jars but don’t have a stroke about it. 55% is not that bad. Measurement instruments for inside your jars are notoriously inaccurate. They may be off +or- 4-5 points.


Right. Didn’t mean to leave it there.

I know you didn’t @Newt . I’ve made the mistake myself. What a pain in the ass! Had to destroy @1/2 a jar full due to this stupid move on my part. Then I washed the remaining bud in a H2O2 Solution. And dry it again. All of it will go into Everclear for RSO not to smoke.


I had the same problems in drying. Search the site for MOISTURE METERS, it solved my drying to much or not enough immediately. Have had 2 perfect drys in a row since using!

Moisture meters measure moisture in solids. Being a professional woodworker I have a moisture meter, but are we not talking about RH contained inside a jar?

Correct you are measuring moisture in the bud. It is extreamly accurate. Do the reading and it will make sence. A 10% to 12% moisture reading in the bud WILL equate to 58 to 62% Rh in a jar or grove bag.this has been well documented here!

No shit, so when it’s hang drying what’s a good reading to trim and jar?

11% is the target. It has been dead on for 2 complete harvest for me and many others here as well.

They actually measure electrical conductivity. The moisture within the bud being the conductive material.

So will an airy bud measure dryer than a more solid one?

Solid or airie moisture is moisture and thats what it measuring no difference from measuring wood or concrete.

You might need to compress an airy bud, just to get a good probe connection, but the reading would still be accurate,

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