Drying/ curing finished outside grow

Hi. How do i tell if my plants are drying too fast? Have 4 plants in dark, in a small furnace room (only on for hot water now). Been there for almost 14 days. Checked last weekend looked almost ready for cure. Branches not snapping off yet. Still a bit of flexibility. Got 3 nice stickey plants left in bags still outside. Thinking i may want a less dry area for my last plants. I think its is a bit too hot and dry. Going to wash the remaining thoroughly H2O2 before drying. Anybody use Boveda 62’s. I have NO experience with them. Been reading, bought a dozen 62’s for $10, just to have them. Bags or jars?? Suggestions welcome! Happy growing to all universes! Rick and Morty…sorry. LOL :sunglasses:

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If your plants have been drying for 14 days, then they should be ready for curing. Drying usually takes between 7 and 10 days, so if you don’t think they’re dry enough, you should move them to brown paper bags to complete the drying process. Keep in mind that the stems don’t have to snap off, they just shouldn’t bend.

Boveda packs are great after the cure. Just put one in your cured jar and you’re good. Glass jars are better than plastic bags always.


Thanks @raustin. Once jarred, how does burping work? Thinking by the time i get to them (couple of days), they will be very dry. Boveda bags AFTER curing how long?? Appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face: Boveda 62, right?

For the first two weeks, every day you open the jars for about 20 minutes to allow air exchange, then seal back up. Then burp once every few days for a month. They should be pretty cured by then, so just burp them once a month to keep them fresh. Also, you should shake up the jars when burping so there’s no dead space.

The 62% Boveda pack is perfect for cannabis and will keep weed fresh until the pack dries out in about a year. Then replace the Boveda pack.


I burp for 5 min 2x day for the first week or two. Then once a day for a month. Then put 1 boveda 62 pack in each qt jar.


I;ve been using gallon ziplock bags. I leave them kind of an air pillow then to burp I just shake them around a bit, zip it open, collapse the air out and close it up again with an air cushion., Works great.

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When curing some moisture may still come out. If left sealed it will mold. Burping is allowing the moisture to get out. It also doesn’t hurt to just dump the jars out and fluff the buds up as well. If there is any sign of moisture in the jar either wipe it out or just change jars if you have a bunch.

The first few days they may be stuck together, and separating them helps prevent mold too. When they just roll out of the jar individually (not stuck) you can stop dumping them out. Do it on a screen or a piece of glass though, something you can use to catch any goodies that fall off :slight_smile: It can look like snow once they are dry enough.

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Hi, I’ll be harvesting my first plant in a few weeks and wanted to ask a follow up question from what I read in your response. I have animals and we planned on just drying along lines in our spare bedroom. One of our dogs stays in there during the day however and I wanted to know can you cover the drying buds with paper bags like you do other herbs to keep dust and hair off them?

Ah, excellent question. I too have fur babies and hate when I find their fur in my buds. I think your best bet is to dry your buds in a cardboard box setup. Get a large box big enough to hold all the buds on a string, or wire at the top of the box. Punch a bunch of holes in the box for air circulation and put a fan in front of the box holes, not inside, so that the air circulates inside.

After 5-7 days, you can put the buds loosely into brown paper bags for further drying. I hope that helps.

Edit: the reason you don’t want to put them in bags at first is because you don’t really want the buds laying on each other while drying. They need room to breathe.


Very nice, thank you. So could you individually wrap the branch with the bud say, lightly with cheese cloth or a paper lunch bag around each branch to keep the dust and fur off?

I suppose you could wrap cheese cloth around the branches. You just want to make sure air can pass through because you don’t want mold.

Thanks to everyone @raustin, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Whodat66, @PurpNGold74, others un named also. Got 5 qt. jars of bud from 3 plants harvested 3 weeks ago. All stickey bud. 3 AK’s left, cut yesterday. Drying properly. Certainly learned plenty from you all. Next year things WILL be even better.

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Isn’t it a big relief and great feeling to finally have the harvest done and in the jars. Now for the withdraw symptoms of not having the little girls to nurture and watch grow

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I really like it. If i had room, I’d grow all year inside in the winter and outside in the spring. Try to tell me its not a lot of fun…:sunglasses: My hats off to everyone here. Grow better!:wink:


I agree, spending time in my grow room can be quite peaceful. I was having issues with my girls flowering…but now that i have my timer set, more appropriately…everyday they bloom just a little more


I second the thoughts above… i enjoy gardening period now. Do it after i get off work while i smoke my evening doob. Was outside. Have gotten better indoor just intime for fall. Just calming and peaceful…


Perhaps stupid question. Any badness if H2O2 is not not completely washed off? @raustin. Read it should be on for a while before rinsing.

I don’t think it would do any real harm, but you’d want to get it off with a good rinsing. You should leave it on for about five minutes for a wash.

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