Drying / Curing Conundrum... could use some advice


Hi Guys!

Long-Story-Short: Got a Blueberry-Auto, and right at day 58 (from seed) it went on a 10 day dry spell. (vacation trip, auto-watering failed) When i returned it was really dried out looking and feeling, and some other internet growers recommended that I harvest right away, because it look just about ready to harvest anyway…

As you can see in the pics, I have some pretty dry bud, and some pretty green bud.
What the heck do I do? lol

I put them all in a brown paper bag for now. But, should i separate the dry from the green and handle them separately? or together? Got about 65 grams in this state… This is my 1st grow… so any suggestions/questions would be more than welcome :slight_smile:



I’ve put mine in jars with a very thin slice of apple before to get the humidity up to 62-64% to get them curing again, but never any that went that long. Perhaps humidipaks (62%) could help. I ordered mine on Amazon.

If any feel “moist” on the outside, I’d separate them.

Good luck.


Go ahead and harvest. The brown weed is going to taste a bit funky, but may do the job. The green is going to be OK, but I am sure you lost potency when evrything dried up, and again, the taste is going to suffer.