Drying closest filter

First time grower and hope in another 2-4 weeks I’ll have something to harvest. I am getting prepared ahead of time for drying my buds. I have an upstairs closet I plan to use, it’s about 8x2x8. My wife is fine with my using it, but I know I’ll hear from her if the smell is bad, so I would like to keep her happy.

Can anyone suggest a good filter? I’m not really exhausting the air outside of the closet, so I’m not sure if something like a grow tent filter is my best option. Perhaps some sort of standing air filter would be better? If you have any suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is the smell of drying marijuana more, less, or about the same as late stage flowering? I know what growing in a house smells like, but can’t say I have experience with it being dried. Thanks.

Drying weed smells like hay for the first week or so.

4 or 6 inch AC Infinity fans and carbon filters are a good size for the job, but AC Infinity is a bit expensive, but you get a reliable, effective, quiet fan for the price. Phresh also makes great filters. A standing HEPA filter won’t do much to reduce the smell. You need a carbon filter.


Thanks. And I guess if one day I get a grow tent, I’ll already have the filter for it. My wife is a farmer’s daughter, so she better not complain about hay! :smile:

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Bingo. A 4" will take care of a 2x4 tent. Suggest the 6" for anything larger. Be sure to get a tall tent. By the time you factor in lighting, filter, and the plant(s), you’ll need the height.


Look into the Wedryer XL hangs nicely in your closet has a fan and carbon filter about 110 bucks well worth the money


Thanks for your suggestion of the infinity fan and filter. Just placed an order for one today.

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You will be happy. It’s quality stuff. Mine have been running continuously for a few years.