Drying buds in darkness

I saw you are supposed to dry them in the absolute darkness

I am correct on that right? I’m curious if someone can tell me why drying in darkness is important

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Out of direct sunlight is sufficient.
Does not have to be “Absolute”
I use a room with the lights out but it has some indirect light.
Direct sunlight will degrade the THC and Terpenes


Save your light for the living. The dead don’t need it :joy:


Lol that’s the truth
I was just concerned that if some light gets in would it matter but I’m guessing it does not since I’d have to check it now and again anyway

I guess in retrospect it was a dumb question


Nah legit question for sure.


It is a good question. People post stuff on other forums and state it like its written in stone and the world will end if you don’t do it exactly the way they say.
In the world of outdoor growers some used to dry the plants out in the sun. We probably bought some of it back in high school. Now we grow in these little indoor ecological environments where we, the grower, are filling the role of “Nature” and have to watch every little aspect of the conditions. In my opinion…which is worth exactly zip…we are overthinking most of this. At least this forum has moderated the group into mostly those who just want to help and succeed and not prove they are the “Greatest Grower in The Universe”


I’ve dried in my grow room with lights on because my dry tent still had plants vegging. The only difference was the rate at which they dried. My flower room is usually around 40% rh. I keep my dark tent around 55% and about 15* cooler so they dry slower.


When someone says “You’re not doing it right” I take that as" You’re not doing it the same way as I". I smile and show them the results. My path will always contain the mistakes I’ve made and more importantly, the lessons I’ve learned from those mistakes.


Yes after many research . You turn your tent into a dark room . Let it marinate for 10-14 days or whenever you think it’s little dry . Than cured than happy smoke . Just harvest these .


I use my tent for drying , buds will get a little light when I open it up to check the progress every couple days.

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I used to dry my planta in the tent with the lights on. They just dry super fast. Now my bathroom is the drying tent. So it takes a little longer even with my Super Monsters.

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Out of direct/reflected sunlight is fine, as UV degrades THC and terps. I dry in darkness because they don’t need light at that point so no need for it, and to keep temps down as low as possible. The slower the dry, the better (to a point).


Thanks all I get it now, I just thought it was a matter of imperative total darkness and I didn’t know why. Now I see that’s not how it is


You also see some chlorophyll production after harvest and this also helps mitigate it.


These are great question and answers. I just hope to have a harvest to dry! But things are looking good.

I saw an experienced grower on utuub claim if one could maintain a dark 60 degree 60% RH room for a couple weeks during and curing could be finished simultaneously. Sounds like a more commercial approach but interesting.

On trips to the Massachusetts dispensaries I would buy several strains for variety and I’d find I didn’t notice many different tastes, they all seemed the same. I bet that was commercial drying or some part of the finishing process.

I’m in the same boat: 4 plants with two Blue Dream having 50% pistils amber and the remaining Gold Leaf plants just beginning to turn amber. So I think that you’re saying harvest and dry the ripe ones in the tent with the light on while the others mature. How does this change the drying time? Also, as you suggest, I could cool the tent a bit. Should I also decrease the intensity of the light a bit? Thanks coach!

I drop the light intensity the last few weeks of flower. Mostly to prevent foxtailing and it does seem to help the plants finish up. Drying in the grow room decreased my dry time by around 3-4 days if I remember correctly. Which it’s always better to have a slower dry time but it still smoked well.

I also wouldn’t just go by the pistils. It’s the trichomes that tell the real story.