Drying box made out of wood?

So I was talking to my dad bout drying buds an he mention building a dry box out of wood n add an exhaust fan to the top any ideas in bout 2 weeks + IMA need this so I jus wanna b ready any helpful pointers much aopreciated

Can use almost anything. Forgot where I just saw one someone made. They just used a plastic container, about 10 gallons. Hepa filter over an intake cut in the cover. Ac infinity controller and a 6inch computer fan that blew through a 6" carbon filter. The controller will adjust the fan rate to maintain the humidity you want.
I just use tent material and my propagation table with a bathroom exhaust fan. Flower tent does a good job of scrubbing the whole room. Stays 55-60% in the room around this time of year anyway. Little high for flowering tent but I keep air moving at a good clip in there.

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Yea I was yhinkin bout my tent but i have 6 plant flower n 6 veg I was impatient but yea I seen a cardboard box but my dad built a 3+3 box n got hinges on it so I wanna use that but the right way … An exhaust fan I def will have whats HEPA filter

Just a standard air filter really. Will slow down intake and keep a majority of contaminants out.

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