Drying bloom leaves on Harlequin CBD

My Harlequin CBD is on its final weeks of bloom. The sugar leaves on the flowers however are drying up and yellowing, there is still about a week to harvest.

The pistils are turning white → orange → brownish and the flowers are about the size of nice carrots. The fan leaves are already gone and trimmed out.

Humidity is about 30%, to avoid rot no humidifier is used. Lights used are smallish china box led with spot leds supporting, 2500 lumen at distance aprox 40cm.

Air sirculation is with small fan and biggish air TD-350 Silent conditioner on 100x100 tent.
Nutrients are Advanced Nutrients in adviced measure.

Is yellowing of the bud leaves caused by:
Too much light?
Too low humidity?
Too much air circulation?

Thanks in advance!

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Leaves will begin to look not so great at this point in flowering. It’s normal. A pic would help confirm that you don’t have an issue that is out of hand.

Too much air circulation is not possible so long as you aren’t creating enough wind to physically damage the plant. Air circulation is a very good thing.


Midwestguy is right. Pics would help a lot.
Just a bit of my experience is that plants will consume the fan leaves as they mature. Even if you are feeding them they sometimes will eat the lower leaves as they get to the end. If you remove all the fan leaves they will eat the ones left. I don’t remove fan leaves unless they are blocking air and posing a possible mold problem.
Also, CBD plants like Harlequin are ready once the trichomes turn mostly cloudy. If they start to turn amber you are past maturity for CBD and will lose a % of CBD the longer you wait. I just harvested a Harlequin last month and its great. I mix it with other strains to add cbd. About 1/3 Harlequin with Purple Haze is nice mix.

Here’s photos

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Good tip with the Harlequin, I will get it under a microscope asap.

Posted some photos too.

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I would throttle your nitrogen input for your next grow. The leaves are gone because they have been nute burned.

Do you monitor runoff PPM? You should start, if not.

No I don’t follow that, I have been trying to stick to the measures given in the Advanced Nutrients bottles… Though I have a small dose of Advanced Nutrients Overdrive bloom enhancer I have been using, maybe that is too much…

This sounds like something I should get into, I need a device to measure that? I use only soil to cultivate.


Those look like there done anyway.
You will enjoy Harlequin. Reminds me a lot of the 70s stuff I used to get in High School.

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Ok so you’d suggest harvest already? Flush and 24hr dark…?

I’ve grown Harlequin earlier but with a bit different set up than this one.

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Check the trichomes to be sure. That video will give you good info. Looking for mostly cloudy with some clear. Once amber starts forming the CBD is degrading.
Looks like most of the pistils are now browned. I don’t see hardly any new white pistils.
Based on that I think you can harvest.

I think about almost half are cloudy, lots of clears to be seen though. I think I will wait a day or to for plant to use last watering nutrients and then ditch the thing to dark.
Would bending the branches of the plant increase THC content at this point or should it be done earlier?

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I think its produced as much as its going to at this point.
Many of those techniques are supposed to increase trichome production. The idea is to stress the plant and make it try to protect the flowers by producing resin. Personally I am not 100% convinced that any of those things really work. After growing several clones this last year I feel genetics plays the biggest part in how much THC and resin you get with a plant. I liked the last Harlequin I grew so I put in my Veg grow cabinet and I will clone it for future plants if I can get it to Re-Veg and produce viable starts.

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I was thinking of keeping this plant on grow for couple of days to clear up the nutes before cutting. Any sense in that? Specially if nutes are the reason why the sugar leaves burned. :frowning:

I have also desires to re veg this plant. Any tips on how to proceed with Harlequin other than 24hrs light? How many flowers % I should leave on the plant for it to survive the cut?

Lots of debate on flushing and if it even works at all.
Its illustrated sometimes by showing a plant the food coloring is added to the water. The color will travel up to the leaves and flowers. By simply watering with plain water the food color stays no matter how much you try to flush it out. But theres no point feeding a plant you are going to chop in the next week or so. Why waste the money on food.
To reveg just place back under 18/6 light


How many “blooms” and branches I should preserve on the Harlequin plant to allow reveg?

I just saw a post this morning showing a stump that was revegged. It just had a few small buds on the lower area. I am looking for a thread with more info…

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Nice looking buds

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About 20 carrot sized buds and 10 smaller on one plant.

Very nice buddy