Drying Area - Temp/RH?

Want to setup a drying area. This is the high Temp/RH in this area, low temp/RH was 52F/37%.

Would this area work for this? Getting ready for my first harvest/dry/cure.

Thanks for any info!


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Should be good just HR I said 55% but you good now let see some options
@SilvaBack203 @MrPeat @Caligurl @Not2SureYet they can help you with any info.

Thank you for the tag @Mefis. That ambient temperature will work 4 sure might need to dry it for 7 10 days but it will be worth it. Just have a lil fan circulating air. Congratulations on making to harvest and don’t be afraid 2 share your ladies. Like it was stated above welcome 2 the community


@SilvaBack203 @Mefis Thank you!

Take a look-


If you can up the rh to 55ish you’ll have a slower dry, making for a less harsh smoke.

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Beautiful girls

If you can’t get the RH down a little, you can always dry them in a cardboard box. I wasn’t bought into the idea at first but I didn’t have any other option last grow so I tried it… it worked!


My RH is to low already?

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Correct, RH is too low. Aim for 60F/60%. The box is a good idea, though, particularly if the temp/rh sensor is wireless. Then you can burp as needed, without constantly looking inside to check.

Sorry, I meant up

Yeah, RH is notoriously difficult to measure unless you have access to a sling hygrometer. And I don’t know how you’d use that in a cardboard box. In my trade, humidity control (45%) is of paramount importance. Even electronic hygrometers can be widely varied. So we always keep several in various locations around the shop and go by the average. I don’t know that you need to be all that accurate but 55-60% seems reasonable to me.

I work with humidity a lot as well. Most of the moderately priced remote units I’ve used are +/- 5% or so. Close enough for our purposes.

Thanks all!

Picked up 2x2x4 tent, more control to get correct RH for that slow dry.

That’s the move!

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I have my rh at 60% and my temp around 25-23 degrees Celsius u want to do a slow dry so that why u would have ur humidity up

Did you have any air circulation or venting of the box?

I will need to use one since my tent will still have a few plants in it when my other 2 are done.

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I did. I placed a small clip fan in the bottom and rigged it so i blew on to the bottom of the box. the box was also very tall ( I bought a tall wardrobe box from HD) so the tips of the buds were a foot off the bottom so they didn’t get direct airflow.*

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