Drying and curing

Once a guy gets his weed dry can I use the Boveda 62% packs for the curing process?

Yupp, I never have but I know that you can. I believe there’s a guy or two that use them in our community. Maybe I’m wrong, but hopefully someone with experience can tell you more.

Why spend your days opening and closing jars when u can just put like an ounce of your bud in a jar with a Boveda pack and let that do the work for you??? (Or does it work like that, that’s what I’m asking?)

I use large tupper ware container with plenty of air space and open twice daily for 10min rake through it to mix up what’s on the top but this way I can cure 10 oz at a time in 1 container


I am using the boveda up/down packs and personally I think their great! I waited about 2 weeks after going into jars (and the burping process) then added the packs. I actually started on 1 jar to make sure there were no adverse effects or issues. After monitoring it for a couple weeks the rest of the jars got them and I am happy. They are doing their job and keeping things right where I want it.

Matter of fact just bought more for the 2nd harvest in a few weeks.


What I’m asking is can a guy use these from the very start of curing and let the packs do the up/down as needed without burping the jars. If I do still need to “burp” the jars how often and for how long?
Thanks all!!!

Same question I’ve harvest and drying in a rack day 4 and stems still not snapping but buds are hard not crunches can I remove buds from stem and jar them with packs

Here’s a couple pics. Day 7 of flower.

Well…I hate ta bring this up again but never really got the answer I was look’in for. Can a guy use the BOVEDA 62% packs for the curing process rather than burping jars for weeks???

Yup, lots of people do it. Some in the community even.

HI, Gilly I’ve used the packs but for first week I still burped jars and then added packs and put jars in safe after chking week or so later Buds nice and hard perfect buds


That’s alota smoke my friend! I could only dream of that! How much smoke per jar and what size pack did u use???

Thks total was little over 18oz 1 oz per jar I ordered the 8 gram packs


I’ve already bought my 8gr. packs, just waiting on harvest time. Hopefully just 4 or 5 more weeks!!! My goal is 10oz. but I only have 4 / AK - 47 plants. They look great actually! I’ll try ta get a couple recent pics up tomorrow.

Cool looking forward to seeing your pics did you do a scrog grow

No Sir. This is my 1st grow. Just learning the ins and outs of grow’in dope! Been smok’in the shit for 43 years now and thought I’d giv’er a try!


Same here this is my second grow got tired of getting ripped off and sometimes buying garbage weed found this site read there grow bible been working at it ever since


Here’s a few pics. Not the greatest pics. Come this Saturday the bitch’s will be 16 weeks old from seed and 44 days into flower!


Beautiful grow very healthy looking ladies that AK 47 some good smoke I’m in day 9 of pre flower had there first full dose of sensi bloom using it for the first time can see chg in 24hrs

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You can use the Boveda packs for humidity control, I do religiously. But, one of the big points if burping the jars is to let out the stagnant air and letting in the good bacteria that break down any chlorophyll in the bud. The difference between cured and uncured Bud in my opinion is substantial when the chlorophyll is properly broken down. Here is a pic if some cured ILGM Super Skunk. Smokes smooth and nice and potent. The Boveda helps, but take the time to let the bud develop by letting nature work also.