Drying and Curing your yield properly

When you have determined that the clear, cloudy, amber % of trichomes is to your liking; It is time to harvest.

First, you take all big fan leaves off and cut the secondary stems off, and hang stems on a wire in a cool dark place with a gentle breeze provided by an oscillating fan. You want the temps around 70, and the humidity around 50-60%. Do not blow fan directly onto plants or the outside of the buds will dry too fast.

After a week or 2 depending on the humidity levels in your harvest space, and the stems snap like an old dried twig “SNAP!” It is time to place them in brown paper bags to allow the inner bud to balance out and dry as the outer bud has. This will also make the outer bud come back from appearing too dry, and the whole bud will be nice and dry within another week or 2.

Curing is done by palcing the bud in glass mason jars and burping them once a day to allow fresh air in and moisture out. Cure as long as you want to but, keep in mind; The longer you cure, the better the finished product.

Some folks now have gone to suing “Boveda” humidity paks. 58% or 62%.

62% left mu buds too damp, and it did not smoke like I wanted it to. 58% is better but, really, you do not need Boveda to dry and cure.*

  • Do not let anyone try to convince you to just throw all your buds in a jar and use Boveda paks. You still need to go through the process above in order to cure your yield in the proper fashion. Peace, lw :slight_smile: