Drying and curing question

Found rot on one of my outdoor buds so I decided to harvest early and did a wet trim rather than take a chance of spread. It’s been only 4 days of drying (55% @ 70°) so I decided to remove all of the popcorn buds (~1/2 inch) and put them in a mason jar and measured their humidity. Came out to 63% humidity. I believe that’s the close to the target level.
Hopefully the larger buds will take at least a week to reach this level.

Question: Is there any reason to keep them in the drying room atmosphere but to leave them in the closed jar with a 62% humidity pack if necessary?

The drying room has a fan blowing out of the room as apposed it facing the drying stems. Good circulation but very slight.

Thanks guys for any incite…elliot

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I would keep them in the drying room until they’re dry enough to jar.


I thought the optimum curing humidity level is 62%
Why should these little guys dry further?

@elliot I believe he’s talking about the others not the popcorn ones you already jarred. Make sure you are burping the ones in the jar at least once per day. I hope you removed the ones with rot they will contaminate the others. You don’t need the moisture packs but it doesn’t hurt to keep them in the jars even for long term storage. Some people are complaining about a bad taste from the packs but I never noticed it, I no longer smoke so they might be different now I don’t know.
Good luck :sunglasses::evergreen_tree:

thanks MeEasy,

I think so as well.
So far no signs of contamination of which I thought I would see while wet trimming. As soon as I saw the afflicted bud, I removed it as well as a few that surrounded it. I saw slug slime on some of the leaves which might have been the cause. The next day I decided to harvest. It’s been 4 days since with no signs of mold so far (knock on wood). I have the fan in my drying room blowing out of the room in case there are still spores in the vicinity.
I hope you guys are safe and well…elliot

Welcome sir, hope you got it :crossed_fingers: make sure you clean off all your tools and anything else that could have any on it. Alcohol works good, you can even mix alcohol and water 50/50 in a sprayer to spray all around your tables floors other plants soil anywhere pretty much. Just before you spray anything on a plant you should do a test spray on a small part of it 1st just so you don’t wake up to a real problem
Glad you got it, you and yours stay safe it’s a fucking mess out there 5d046152b82ffb0c3e5fe8eb4c1b7127--pill-bottles-medical-marijuana

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