Drying and curing preferences

Hey guys… need some advice… I have been watching threads on here for a while and am impressed with most of the growers and resources available on here… first thanks to everyone who shares and allows others to grow.

Ok I’m 28 days into flower on my 3 girls. Cheese quake, blueberry hash plant and a critical kush… I will try to attach a current picture…
my question is pertaining to the curing process of harvest. Which I know I still have about 50 days… I plan to give these plants 72 hrs of darkness before I chop… from there I’m not sure what I will do… I’ve grown some great looking bud in the past however the smell and taste hasn’t been there… I usually flush in my last two weeks… I really think I’m lacking in knowledge of harvest from chop to smoke… I’m ordering some new jars, mini hygrometers (for in the jars)…
Wondering about boveda packs? 62%??
I seen the packs say up to 8 grams does this mean I can only store 8 grams with each pack to cure?! If so I’m gonna need more jars lol… anyway I hope to create a bit of dialogue as to everyone’s favorite methods of drying and curing… I’ve tried trimming dry and wet and haven’t seen a difference in taste or smell.
Any advice is greatly appreciated! Happy holidays!!


Boveda packs come in different sizes and Levels. For cannabis I would recommend ones between 55-62.
As for drying and curing, I don’t do an extended dark period myself but many other people do. I also dont flush, but “ripen” my plants using molasses only the last few waterings. Try to dry them around 60% RH and 65-70 degrees until the small stems snap before placing in jars :v:


Cool thanks!! With the boveda packs I found at 62% say they are for 8gms… doesn’t seem like much lol… and if I have to cure 8gm at a time I’m gonna go crazy lol


They sell larger packs as well. Pretty sure the 8grams is the size of the Boveda packs and not the amount each one will cure :wink: let me grab a link for you…

Boveda 62-Percent RH 2-Way Humidity Control, 8 gram - 10 Pack


Boveda 62% RH 2-Way Humidity Control for Cigar Humidors, 4 Count 67 Gram Packets
(Humidifier/Dehumidifier) Inc.


Each of those links you can select what RH you want. I would go with the 55, 58, or 62 packs for us growers though :wink::v::bear:


Thank you soo much!


8 gram is just the size of the pack. It would be about proper for quart sized jar with about an ounce of weed in it. That will vary a little depending on your bud density. The 60 gram pack is more in line with what you would use in a gallon sized jar.

For what it’s worth, I try to avoid using boveda for cure. Exception to that would be if I over dried them. But everyone seems to feel a little differently here. If they don’t dry out too fast, as soon as they’re dried the moisture trapped deeper within your nugs will equalize. From there burping the off gas allows the nasty stuff to escape and slowly drop moisture content to acceptable level. If you have boveda in there, it can and will absorb anything over control level of the pack. So I opt to cure without them and then insert the boveda packs for storage after cure.


I agree with dbrn32 as I have used the 62% Boveda packs and found they can change
the smell and flavor if used too soon. His approach to only use for stabilization after to
keep things stabilized is a good approach


Thank you to both of y’all!!


Hey @Doughbreezy207 I have the exact same problem. I started another thread about this before I found yours. The advice I’ve been getting is practically a mirror image of yours with a couple more folks responding. And i also say Thank You very much for all of you good folks sharing your knowledge with us that need it so badly.


Hey man thanks for the response… have you harvested since receiving said advice?? How close to harvest are you if not??

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the problem may not be in your drying method,

what do the trich’s look like at harvest.? all cloudy.? half amber.?

the 2 week flush may be effecting them, some salts stay in the ‘soil’, like Iron,
other salts leach out quickly like Sulfur,
just so happens that Sulfur is a big player in the smell, flavor, and color of fruit and flowers.
if u r worried about excess fert’s in the ‘soil’ then do a flush a week or 2 before harvest then feed them with 1/4 or 1/2 strength of what they were getting.!

80+ (27+ c) temps in flower can make them flavorless, so can 75+ and/or light while drying.