Drying and curing 1st time

Cut plant down and dried for 6 days until i thought it was ready to put in jars. I put in jars with a little humidity checker and after about 2 hours the humidity was at 70%, will it drow a I burp everyday or is that to high or does that mean they need to dry some more out of jars maybe in a paper bag or box. my first grown in 40 years.

read this necessary info .
I always dry for a couple of weeks / out of direct light with a bit of air movement around the drying buds. :wind_face:

put in jars once stems will crack. burp jars 2+ times a day until it dries out.

My method is this: dry until small stems “snap”. Put in jars and burp twice a day for up to 2 weeks then once a day for a week or two. Humidity packs and burp once every couple weeks or so. I usually give each jar a sniff to make sure nothing is off.

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I have read and read but until you actually do it you are not sure about the snap of stems and dry feel of buds. I just was curious if the 70% humidity in the jars was high or about right. I thought it was a little high and to make sure I removed it from jars and put in paper bags.I will leave in there for a couple of days and see what happens.

idk about the proper humidity levels of drying bud, but…
when the sugar leaves snap off like glass and when the stems crack/break and no longer bend it is time to go into jars, at that point i only ‘burp’ them if moisture is visible in the jar.

70% sounds about right, maybe a little moist but probably ready for jars…???
check the stems.!