Dry sift screens

Newbie grower here. Any recommendations for good but cheap dry sift screens? It would be nice and nostalgic to make some hash of my own especially because I cannot find it where I am but also not looking to invest too much in it.

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I just got one for Christmas after recommendations from here. And so far it’s pretty, only cut 2 medium plants on it so far. Has replaceable screen too. So maybe if your on a tight budget you could just buy one of the replacement screens.


I have 2 of these. Reccommended by a friend who has 5 and alarmed scale grow. Needless to say we both love them lol


@Nicky can help you out with a nice 1. The bin really good but there’s actually screen with different size micron


I use bags with dry ice. I haven’t made hash in a couple of years, but I think I used the 120 micron bag.

I have three aluminum framed screens from Total Ink Solutions in three mesh sizes: 60, 110 and 200

At the time I ordered CHAT10 was 10% discount code

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ryot boxes are really nice

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Not familiar with d y sift as I don’t do it, I wash my product in hash bags…

Trim bin I see everywhere that’s about it sorry.
Not familiar with the micron size you want either but with water hash we use 25, 45,190, and a 220 work bag

Th full melt good stuff is in the 45 bag, other two are for edibles, oils, tincture L’s etc


I’m not a dry sifter besides for my little kief box. If I were going to start dry siftjng I would check out the link below. These guys have some nice dry sift screens.

As for bubble bags I like BubbleBagDude. We ise a 220, 120 and a 45 micron setup. Once you go hash you will never go back. Lol nah I still love flower. :wink:


I picked up screens they use to make silk screen t shirts I think it’s 110 for the size of holes something like that works good for me

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