Dry room humidity

Robert states in grow bible that the relative humidity in drying room should be 30%. Is that a mistake ? Every single thing I have ever read recommends a R/H that is much higher so the bud does not dry out quicker. Will not the bud dry out quicker at 30 % and why would I want that. Thanks Russell

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50-55 is what I always been told. 30 seems low, I would assume a much faster dry at this level.

I target ~60% RH.

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I sure thought so. There is so many variations of what R/H should be across every source

55-65 is what I shoot for.

I do to. As long as mine stays in the 60 to 62 range with temp of 68/69 I don’t mess with it. I think it makes a lot of difference in the size and construction of drying room. Harder to keep a larger room consistent. We had a cold front and RH dropped to 45 in one day (Basement room). Some I had to jar up to save them from dryness.

I use a 2x4 tent to dry or in a small bathroom with good ventilation. It’s pretty easy to control things that way. Humidifier or dehumidifier if necessary. It gets cold and dry during the Winter months here too.

I have both standing by and ready also. I was all over the house with hygrometers and I like this spot. It’s all good now. Happened to read that in the grow bible and had to wonder. 30 % R/H . Don’t even know I could get it down that far.

Yeah, 30 RH is really hard to get even with a dehumidifier. Bad advice if that is the case. 30RH will dry out your weed way too quickly.

I get enough popcorn farts as it is with out doing anything special

I’ve been doing 55, maybe I’ll try 60 :+1:

I haven’t sensed a difference between 55 or 60 in terms of smoke quality, but 55 will get it dried out a day or 2 more quickly. Seems to me like the sweet spot RH for smoke quality (imo) is 60%, which can take a week to maybe 10 days to get dried out. I’ve had the smoothest smoke from the 60% level, but it’s hard to control it by +/- 5% without a controlled environment.

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