Dry or wet harvest/trim?

So I started harvesting my first 4 (Kush and Cheese) of 8 plants and decided to do a dry trim, trimming the fan and obvious bigger leaves down, leaving the sugar leaves (will trim the sugar leaves when buds are dryed out) . Other 4 plants (wedding cake og) I’ve decided to do a wet trim, cutting ALL leaves down before hanging them to dry. What method of trimming before curing would you guys suggest?


Wedding Cake (and most cookies) tend to grow a little popcorn/airey/fluffy. So i prefer to trim them fresh (wet)

If you have a plant with good bud/leaf ratio (mostly buds) dry trimming is fine. But the leaves tend to shrivel and are hell to trim after they’ve dried.

So its more a plant by plant thing for me


This is important for the difference between a wet trim or dry trim.
I still prefer to wet trim exclusively. The leaves shrink a little into the flowers, and it almost disappears.


Right… worse feeling in the world…

Youre trimming along. Good rhythm. Blunt hanging off ur lip. And dig in to snip a dead leaf just killing the aesthetics on a gorgeous cola. And clip! U pull out 4-6 freshly cut calyx and MISS THE FRIGGING LEAF!


I’m with covert on this one I’ve tried dry trim and the bucket dry trim method.

Wet trim is by far the best, although the downside is you can do a slower dry with leaving all that leaf material on.
So try to wet trim one full branch at a time leaving all the stems. Then cut up into nugs when you jar it.


Congratulations nice looking buds ! I’m in between I take the big leafs Wet. Remove limbs from plant and hang to dry. Do a final Trim to remove sugar Leafs and a few midsize leafs. For me leaving Some Leafs guarantees me a good slow dry. I have trimmed both ways an that why I’ve ended up in between. And also summer or winter or climate can also play into the way you may choose to trim. Good luck


Super important! Good point!! Im in the south so its always humid here. Probably why i speed up my drys a tad


If you want to do quick cure I’d say dry trim … if you have patience (unlike me ) you can do wet trim …imo wet trim takes longer to get a good smell and taste… smell more then taste… but ultimately longer cure tends to have a lil higher potency imo so wet should be better in long run but dry has smoking homegrown and proud faster dang near every plant I grew was stronger then the bud ingot it from hands down… smell not as much taste not as much but who remembers the smell 10 mins after your stoned to the bone :wink:


Fano. U smoking too fast. Think u got those backwards.

Wet trim = faster harsher dry because u take the leaves off fresh.

Dry trim means u let the leaves dry still on the stem, slowing the process and improving the flavor.

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No no wet trim is a faster dry but longer cure
Dry trim longer dry faster cure u mixing up the cure and dry

Dude im so high I just talkd my way into both ways being correct like 3 times before I realized F it :joy:

Thats means ur probably right

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Lmao I found u dry trim … right after u dry trim the bud is tolerable …but if you wet trim and when you have been in the jar maybe a day or 2 … u smoke that super green …like grass taste for real but the dry trim is decent quicker but wet trim would be better in the long run imo…with leaves on and then stripped moisture percentage will be clipped off with the timing of fans and such… wet probably more uniformed dry as well