Dry Ice Sift For Hash 101 - How To

Good mornin’, good mornin’, goooooooood mornin’!!!

At the sorta, kinda request of @MidwestGuy, I sorta, kinda volunteered to do a quick sorta, kinda “How To”. So, this one is for beginners, like me, that want a quick way to sift keif from more than a grinder full of bud at a time. Once prepped, though, it’s almost just as quick and easy, and when done right, can yield a decent return of dusty goodness, perfect for pressing into hash pucks.

I need to start by saying I’m reeeeeally new at this, but the concept is simple. This is also a sift only tutorial. What you do with your keif is up to you! I like to keep a bit for dusting bowls and joints, while using a bottle of hot water to press some hash balls with the rest.

The method shown is not the only method, but best suitable for me

Now, that’s outta the way, let’s go!!!

1. Items Needed

5 gallon bucket.
Paper towel.

Dry ice.
CAUTION!!! Dry ice isn’t the same stuff you cool your drink down with and will almost immediately burn your skin! Use of garden or work gloves is advised!

There are pellets available which would definitely make for easier use, but it’s cheaper, for me, to get blocks. Some local grocers sell it, or if you live near an Airgas or other like company, they can probably hook you up. It’s $2/lb for 5-10lb blocks by my house.

2oz of broke up small buds/trim/larf.
(Don’t grind it. You want the tiny trichs, not tiny weed pieces, though it happens)

This is a mix from recent harvests. All trichome laden, super aromatic, some frostier than others, all fairly potent.

Sifting Bag.

I have a 73 micron, though there are several sizes ranging from 20 to over 200 for doing several runs and bubble hash and various other processes. I chose 73 because I want as many trichomes as possible with as little plant material as possible. You’re freezing everything to subzero temps, so almost everything becomes dust at the end. Smaller microns allow for less plant material and make for a more refined product, but I didn’t want to risk a bunch of trichs clogging the screen.

You have what you need, now. Make sure you have your bucket on a large, flat, smooth, non textured surface. Even shaking the bag in a bucket throws dust all over. Some like to use a trim bin on a smooth tabletop or counter, but I’m married, and if I get loose keif all over the kitchen table or counter, I’ll hear it for days.

Turn all fans off!!! Not only will you blow the stuff all over, but you can potentially hurt your yield!

2. Prep

Wipe down your bucket with alcohol and let it dry completely. Go back over with a dry paper towel until you’re positive it’s dry. Alcohol is used for extraction, but not rubbing alcohol. You don’t want it in your keif.

Line your bucket with your bag.

Drop your bud into the bag.

Drop your dry ice into the bag. The freezing gas coming from the dry ice is heavier than air and sinks through the buds, making freezing slightly quicker.

About 1lb should do for the amount we have. If you have to buy blocks, wrap a hammer with a towel, and knock it a few times into small pieces before. I tried to get them close to 1-2". Pellets can be dumped right in.

Close her up for 2-3 minutes.

This causes the dry ice to freeze your product, allowing the trichomes to break free easier from the plant so they fall through the bag.

Shake it!!!
(Though it’s more the Mashed Potato)

Shake the bag, like you’re churning butter, not too vigorously, for 30 seconds or so. I didn’t even try to get a picture here, but shake your bag somewhat in the bucket. Don’t smack the bottom, but don’t be way over the bucket throwing dust everywhere. Remember, our bucket is our collection tray.

Get it out!!!
Using a card or small squeegee, scrape the collected dust off the sides of the bucket. Pile it together with what is at the bottom and, voila!

This :point_up::point_up::point_up: piled into this :point_down::point_down::point_down:

This was just the first run. While weighing this I’ve added another couple pieces of ice to the bag to do one more. Just to get that extra gram or so.

I have more to sift, and have various things that it will be used for. Mostly a big hash ball, and bowl topping. I’ll remove the dry ice from the bag, and jar up the trim to make QWET. What you do with yours is up to you!!!

** If there are errors, misinformation, or missing info, please feel free to highlight and make necessary notes **

Stay Lit!!!


Thanks brother, I found that very informative. I have always made bubble hash and pressed mine, but will give this a go come October.


Good stuff. Thanks for sharing, @Borderryan22


Nice work @Borderryan22 :green_heart::metal:


Solid work buddy. The site needs more of these walk through style guidelines. Awesome!


Great job @Borderryan22 kick a$$ brother! I shake mine over a big picture fame with glass, but im going to shake right into the bucket next time. Looks like it contains all the goodness instead of having trichome dust everywhere :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ve got some psilocybin spores coming next week. I’m going to do a shroom growing tutorial in the Psilocybin Adventures thread.


I always throw five or six quarters in with the flower to help break it up when sifting. I also purchased a piece of window glass to sift on to.


Dude… tag me… im really wanting to give shrooms a go… might be something i can grow in the warmer months…


I’ll be looking out for it!


That just reminded me we have a big like 3x4 mirror in a spare closet


I went to the thrift store and bought this huge picture for 10 bucks frame and glass included


What happens outside is irrelevant, as shrooms are grown indoors. I’ve heard of folks finding them naturally in certain parts of the country, but trying outdoors on purpose would be a waste of money and time. A successful grow requires everything to be sterile and very, very humid (~85 to 90%.)

It will be posted here:


Im one of those… :grin: i had a herd of cattle back in the mid 90s, when the humidity and temps were perfect, id go pickin :slight_smile:


Between mid March and late April, you can go picking in the fields here lol. Super humid mornings in high 70s


I found out that my spores will be arriving today, so I’m going to start the sterilization process now. Follow along in the Psilocybin thread if interested.


I’ve done it the same way. Works great and not as sloppy as bubble hash. Nice yield there. The color is correct also. I’ve found that if it looks a little on the green side you’re getting more plant material than you want, light tan is what you’re looking for just like the ole’ afghani slab hash back in the day.


@Borderryan22 i cleaned my 70s micron bag today. Made a stoner mistake when i ran it the other day. Heres what i missed…


Well ain’t that a nice little surprise lol!!


Man, the dry ice sift turning out some absolute BANGIN QWET!!! Pics are 10 minutes apart at 75°. I thought pieces of glass were flaking off the pan, but it was the oil(?) Turning into teeny baby shards. That’s a bunch melted to the front of my shirt lol.