Dry ice keif extractions

In a couple of days I will be making dry ice hash/Keif with this plant which I froze fresh after its harvest and budwash.

Ive done this before, loved it, and there are plenty of vids out there about the process. I was hoping to get some insight on how everyone else does it. Im looking for tips and technique for the best quality.
(IE- the best size sieve screen, or shake length, things like that.)
After collection I plan on pressing the hash out into rosin. I have skimmed @Nicky thread on pressing. Super informative brother Nicky! All your threads are if Im being honest. @Nicky I know you dont endorse pressing keif into rosin, and I tried to do bubble but my bubble hash making ability is just not there. Its really hard to keep everything cold enough, especially the water. That being said Id love your input about pressing this rosin, as well as the hash making. I want everyones opinion but wanted to tag Nicky specific like.

Most videos on youtube have the sieve at 160 micron. Is there a reason to use such a large size realative to the trichomes? Wouldnt it be better in a smaller one like a 75 or something? Thank you all in advance for any tips.


I would like some more information on this topic also, please.
Are the one gallon bags too small to be useful?

I have 1 gallon bags that came with my infuser and 5 gallon bags from bubble bag dude. I would think it would be dependant on the quantity you wanted to process. Id get 5 gals if I didnt have any just because they are larger.

I’ve found the smaller mesh bags have a tendency to freeze over when using fresh frozen and dry ice.
I personally use a 220 for mine.
Just stop shaking when I start to see the colour just start to change to more greenish on the top of the pile.



Hey there, so just to clarify kief into rosin is fine but I don’t endorse dry Ice hash.

For bubble hash get a big bucket and fill it with ice then place your 5 gallon bucket inside that if your having temp issues, or get a mini washer and run it inside of a emtyied out deep freeze.

As for the sleeves it all depends on the quality of the tricombs you are after.
Full melt hash is ussualy 73-90 up to 120 but nothing below or above.

Be very careful using dry ice if it gets to cold then the plant material gets brittle and ends up in your hash.
Your hash should be golden or brown.

Good luck


Dude, putting my washing machine in the deepfreeze is excellent tip! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:. Thank you.

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@Nicky, thanks for the tip. I only have about 6-8 oz of trim in the freezer, and was just wanting to take a baby step up from my trim bin screen. I can obtain dry ice from a welding supply in pellet form, or from a local grocery in 1/2 inch sheets (This would need to be broken into small pieces), which would you recommend?
If I understand this correctly? You need to load the frozen trim somewhat lightly in the bag, use about 1/2 as much dry ice as trim. Then work quickly and stop shaking if it starts to turn green.
A few years ago, while in a New Orleans bar I ordered a top shelf margarita. The bartender dropped a small chip of dry ice into it, and this made it look like it was smoking for a few minutes. It was so cool looking, that had to order another and see it again.

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I don’t give advice on dry ice because it’s a terrible way to make hash. Use the dry ice to keep the area cold or container cold while making water hash.

@Docnraq yeah if you have a big deep freezer and a small washer (the ones we use for hash making) then I will work.

I’m waiting till fall because it’s to warm here right now.

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I do have a washing machine for making bubble, I will be trying that method. Thanks @Nicky appreciate you sharing your wisdom.

Caution, I just read the other day that not all dry ice is the same, some is considered food grade, this is important because of our intention to consume the end product. I dont know anymore then that just seemed pertinent and logical, there is food grade butane also.

@Nicky @Docnraq, OK, you have made me think about this a little deeper.
I have a chest freezer in the basement that is turned off, and it is just setting there. Would I be better off to order a 5 gallon four bag bubble kit? And work the bubble bags with ice as normal, but in the bottom of the freezer, (Turned back on, of course). Maybe add some frozen milk jugs of water around the 5 gallon work bucket?


Yes 100 %
Heck you don’t even need the freezer you can get a bigger bucket of ice or fill a big sink with ice

I do my hash in the cool season so it’s a not huge deal but if you have a basement or ac in your place that’s all you need, the colder the better but chilled area ca room temp will effect your yeild

I use the 5 gallon bags still with my mini wash machine

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@Nicky, this is why it is good to talk to someone with experience! I just happen to have a large laundry sink next to the freezer. I think the sink with the 5 gallon kit will be best for the first try at this.
The only downside is that, I will not be able to irritate the wife with the mess that I make in the kitchen.

I personally think dry ice hash is the best way.
I cure the shake the same way I cure my buds. Then I rejuvinate the moisture content by putting a fresh bud in then shaking it up for a day or 2. Whenever it feels like it is moist enough that it will shake without breaking the plant material up. Then I put an ounce or so in a 5 gallon 120 micron bubble bag with about a 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound of dry ice and shake gently till i see the first signs of color change. Them I scrape that up and put in a jar. Then I shake again until I see a darker color change scrape that up and put in a different jar. Then I pour the contents of the bag on a 1/8th inch screan[hardware cloth] to recover the larger dry ice pieces. Dump that dry ice back in the bubble bag. Throw anouther once or so in and do it again. I keep doing that till all my trimmings are gone. With prep time and clean up it takes about an hour. Huge advantage I think is when done it is ready to smoke or process into whatever you want no waiting to dry.
Here are some pics from last shake.
First run

Second run

This was sugars and larfy buds 2 tightly packed quart jars worth.

Follow this link and it will give wieghts of the outcome.

Link didn’t work I will try again.

Don’t know how to direct you to that thread. It is called growing DRsDank in show your grow post 39 I think.

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Yes! Alot cheaper then buying bags of ice also.

Have you ever done fresh frozen buds and dry ice?

@Nicky @Docnraq, do I need to order a drying screen for each bag in the bubble bag kit? Four screens for a four bag kit, correct?
In the meantime I can turn on the freezer, and insure it still works. Before I decide on the sink or the freezer. I do like the sound of free ice through!

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It might be easier as far as keeping track of which pile is from what micron bag. outside of that it would depend on how much plant your processing.
If not more then say 1 indoor plants worth Id stick with just one and mark somhow which pile is which.