Dry Ice Hash Today

I made a puck of dry ice hash out of durban poison flower today and put the remaining dry ice in my tent for the girls to feast on.


Killer strain. I need to start some.


We can’t get any dry ice here. @Not2SureYet and I have both been trying.


That’s sad to hear. You can make your own from a bottle of CO2, and a pillow case. There’s also dry ice makers that use the bottle.


Do you use a bubble bags and if so what micron do you use everywhere im seeing is say 25 to 75 micron for the best sift

I used 100 micron, it was the best balance between quality and quantity. There’s very little plant debris, and more trichomes. @The1stTimer

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Awesome i appreciate it buddy :+1:

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I use similar - a 120 micron bag.

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I use 120 or 90 depends on my mood. Sometimes 90 then into a 120 and do it again.

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Did the 120 micron today.
Got this. Short 1/2 pint first run packed in there. Tall 1/2 pint second run. 2 quarts of trimmings.


Inside jar pics are pretty true to color. The ones of outside jar just to show how full. Light reflection on outside of jar make it look lighter than it is. First is nice and blond though. Second has some green.

Looks great!