Dry Ice Hash MOLD!

Had some really nice dry ice hash. Put in foil and left it in the car overnight. Took it out today. MOLD! Hate to throw it away!

Oof. Definitely chuck it, though, I’m afraid. I haven’t ever heard of someone successfully reclaiming something after it’s gotten contaminated. :crying_cat_face:


Man that sux. Why leave it in the car?? Lol. Keep it in the house where the environment is a bit more controlled lol. Might not have happened. Looks like a fair amount of stuff too.

Evidently it was not fully dry.


Dissolve it in alcohol (highest proof available). Kills mold


Personally I’d rewash it in H202, rinse, do it again. Then dissolve in EtoH and strain, then evap. I can get you a couple test reports of low to no mold spores afterwards, I think I kept them when I bought my extraction equipment. Looks like mildew, light and fluffy fuzz, so that’s an easy kill.


@Pet_de_Chien thanks. Not sure what you mean. Can you be more specific?

Ahh i see basically run it back through the bubble bags but with an added dose of hydrogen peroxide to kill any mold or mold spores and then do a QWET yea that’d definitely kill any spores at all I suppose


@greenSnek said it for me…excellent. Sorry I was not clear. And yes I have a unit like a big source turbo. The mfr did tests with purposely moldy material, then ran them and had before and after spore counts done in a lab.
This is just and EToH through a Buchner Filter, I added the rewash/rinse with H202 since the goods collecting are not water soluble, and the mold spores will definitely die and rinse: I made the presumption and more dead is better. And then there will still be a decarb or heat in the process so there is that too.