Dry herb vape by da vinci


@BIGE I’m pretty sure I do hit me up on their


I’ve got the Puri5 Aviator2 & I don’t think I’ll go back to bongs ever, great taste, fits about 2-3 cones worth & the stuff that comes out is completely brown when it’s done. I only have one fill up a night. It comes with a little tool kit for packing & cleaning & it also comes with a little wax/resin/oil cup for it. The bowl is ceramic & very easy to clean.

They have a new one called Deja Vu with new hot air technology, apparently it preheats the incoming air to help vaporise the buds better, I think I want to upgrade. :+1: :smile:


My new favorite dry herb vape:




that thing looks great @MacGyverStoner,do you use yours hourly/daily?
i really do like the charger…lol i was wondering about how long you can vape per charge…
is it a one and done,or can you get many draws off of one charge?


I use mine everyday, all day.

Many, many draws per charge. Also the battery is removable so you can carry extra charged batteries so you don’t have to worry about running out of a charge.



thank you for the info,i’ll be checking into these further…