Dry herb vape by da vinci

Sounds good! Go soxs


You too @Countryboyjvd1971 catch ya tomorrow

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Bob you crack me up I’ve had this thing for over 30 years

and using it now still have my brass one hitter in the house


When you decide to replace it try going with one of these
It floats holds two bats and a cleaning tool
I finally broke down and replaced my old wood dugout not long ago

It’s a little wider than your but I can’t fit a quarter oz in it once you grind it up :grin::v::+1:
If I remember correctly it’s called the ultimate zombie survival tool hahahaha


Yeah I’m pretty old school lol.

Hahaha lol I love that.

My lifetime go to was the typical brass pipe for sharing and a one hitter. Unfortunately we parted ways years ago…

I don’t miss the old brass one dam how many times I burnt my lips…

I’m still trying to find a good one hitter but so far I haven’t found one. If you guys get a good place to buy give me the name so I can look it up!

I want them for the occasional real bowl to take a break from the vape

Here’s the zombie model. I don’t see any competing products but I searched
Ultimate zombie kit smokers and it popped right up. Very interesting! Now to decide between the new high tech and the old school…


I had to re-tweak that link. Apparently the site doesn’t like the links that direct to the mobile page…

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That is so mine thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 & @bob31


Perfect link @bob31
I still can’t do that fancy high tech stuff lol
I had a little issue with the covering on bats emailed the seller and they sent me 6 more bats and cleaning rods problem solved lol
They Never did respond to email just sent them out
But good enough for me


Can you get into that message I sent you @Countryboyjvd1971

I don’t see one @Hogmaster

There would be a green message next to it I believe like a mentor left you a message

Yeah I don’t see one in the inbox of my messages?
I don’t see a option for me to pm you either ?

Whenever you click on your logo is there a little box that looks like an envelope

That’s where I went I have a few from garrison in there but that’s all I can’t send from there either?

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@Countryboyjvd1971 Do you have Skype

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I don’t but will down load it when I get home bro
I can’t down load anything at work for security purposes stupid security lol
I’ll tag you once set up :+1: Cool :sunglasses: @Hogmaster


Sounds like a plan my friend will definitely get it to figure it out Garraghan might be able to help us I spelled that wrong sorry

In deed @Hogmaster have a great day try to stay dry today hahaha

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Don’t work too hard my friend @Countryboyjvd1971 it rained all day yesterday at two then the sun came out and the suns out today that stuff is depressing after a week of it

I hear you we are just getting into the rain from the storm that been over your way nextfew days we will be having rain :slightly_frowning_face:
I never do hahahaha talk soon bro

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if you guys get to kicking the dirt around about the grow tonight and don’t mind an extra thought or two link me in…lol @Hogmaster i believe you have my info for skype.