Dry herb pen vape

Has anyone on here used a dry herb vape pen

Spend some money on a good one! Have tried many and the best one that I have purchased and talked many friends into is a PAX 3. Will do more than just dry! Have personally used it for over a year now and 0 issues!
Pax Site: https://www.pax.com/products/pax-3?variant=13409001341043


Thank you. I’ll ckeck them out

The arizer solo 2 is fantastic for the price. My first arizer solo lasted 10+ years!


Thank you

I’ve had a PAX 2 since April 2015 when they came out. Five years now. No issues. I love it, and it ruined combustion for me.

You can save some money by buying the model 2 instead of the 3. To me the only significant distinction is that the 3 facilitates vaping concentrates. You can technically vape concentrates in the 2, but I would buy the 3 if that’s important to you. The 3 also has app integration and I think that’s silly. I’m already feeling like a Luddite when I can’t vape because my pipe needs to charge.

I have no experience with any other vaporizers, for what that’s worth. Been social distancing since before it was cool.


We use a PAX 3. Absolutely love it. Our first one survived three dunkings in the hot tub. The fourth time was bit much to ask. If we forget to charge it we are like babies crying having to actually roll a joint or use the monkey pipe.

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Want to ad that the PAX is ridiculously simple to use. Like Keystonecops we don’t use the app. No need. I am not too fond of using wax or shatter in it. We use a Carta Focus V for that. Cleaning the PAX is super easy. We keep pipe cleaners on hand and dip it in alcohol and run it through. Lately we have been putting quite a bit of keif in with the herb so we clean about every use, but with plain herb you can do about three loads before cleaning. You will know when it needs cleaned as it draws harder. The plus side for us the preservation of terpenes. Ease of use. Compact and fits in your jean pocket. Hardiness. We tend to use it all day on Saturday and Sunday and if fully charged in the morning it makes it through to the night.


I just bought a Pax3. I like it but having a hard time finding the right pack and heat setup. I’m doing a 2 leafs now but not sure how many hits you’re suppose to get from a full bowl. Seems like it’s not hitting after 3-4 hits.

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Sorry to just get back to you. My husband always manages the leaf settings. I think he shakes it and clicks through.

You can hit it until you crisp it good. We use PAX mainly for the terpenes as it preserves them. We tend to stop when it tastes like cardboard. We will take about three deep drags and wait about 15-30 minutes and hit it again, and again, and again. Maybe get about 4 dif hits of 2-3 drags each out of one bowl, which for two people I guess is pretty good. We don’t really go through the whole bowl right off. So the high is not as intense. If we really want a good rip we will use an electronic dab type rig, Focus Carta V for that. We stay on three leaves. The fourth leaf is what you need for the shatters and wax. You can certainly vape herb on the fourth leaf but we are all about terpenes. If we really want to get stoned or high from PAX we would go through the entire bowl right off. Just found that we get a super nice high or stone doing what we do. If I am having a super hard time with PTSD or need a strong indica to sleep then I will hit it until it is done. But really dosing all day in increments I have not had a bad episode of PTSD in a good long while. Side note: I also went through intense therapy last year for the PTSD and that has done wonders so I rarely have issues with it. Social distancing and not being around people have helped tremendously on that.

We take the ABV (already been vaped) and save it up. Our son usually takes it. Many times there is a bit of green in there. He has issues with PTSD, too, being a wounded war vet. Basically the way we only smoke until we use up the terpenes means he gets a great decarbed product that he will smoke or sprinkle on food and he claims it is way strong and calls it Mama’s Devil Drag. We throw whatever we are vaping in the jar. Sativa, indica, etc, we don’t seperate it out. He made me laugh this morning as the said last night when he and wife went to vape some, “okay, lets see what Russian Roulette we are going to get on this one.” So for us, PAX is a double gift. Instead of one use and done, like smoking in a pipe or the dab rig, you get a great high or stone and then you have a great repeat performance with the ABV. If that makes sense.


Thanks for the reply. I think I finally figured it out. Packing them tight really helps. If it falls out and it’s at brick you know it’s right. I’m now getting big hits and lots of them.

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That is a good tip. I am always wondering just how ‘firm’ firm is on instructions of packing. That is about as vague as saying a plant genetics is ‘medium’ height. I need numbers on height. It can be the difference of fitting the tent or not. :upside_down_face:

I saw LOOKAH Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer some time ago, they are very cheap, you may be able to try it.

Check out the dynavap. I can’t say enough good things about it. My fiancé and I each have a pax 2, davinci miqros, we share a davinci iq, we returned a crafty for the iq, but now we really only use the DynaVaps. She prefers the bb6 with the stainless tip and cap and I prefer newer model Omni. We also have the 2020M, the older model Omni and a bb9 with a ti tip and cap.
The bb6 and bb9 are glass stems that will fit into any bong or dab rig. They’ll fit a 10mm or 14mm adapters.

Little late but I have the Pax 3 and a Storz & Bickel Crafty Plus.

Pax is great but no match for the Crafty. It’s absolutely amazing.

Generally use the Pax for out and about.

Local shop has a 2020 M, and an Omni in stock (not sure if its last year or current until I get a chance to swing over there, she wasn’t sure when I called).

Interested to know what draws you to the Omni over the M? I’m a complete sucker for titanium, so there’s that, but interested to know how big of a difference you see between the two. I do like the idea of adjustable bowl size, as well as the “set and forget” airflow.

Doesn’t seem like there’s a super compelling reason to go for the 2021 via online order as opposed to supporting local for either, but would love any feedback there as well.

I got the Pax 3 a couple weeks ago and I really like it. I had to get adjusted to it, since it is a different way to smoke I guess. I need to start saving what’s left at the end as suggested.


Been vaping dry for a couple of years now. First device was a Magic Flight Launch box pretty weak vape device. Second was a Pulsar Flow which worked pretty well for a portable battery device. Third is an Arizer V Tower which is my favorite at home device and works really well. Just recently fell down the Dynavap rabbit hole which is a subculture in itself. First Dynavap was the 21M which I like and it works great but there is a pretty significant learning curve for using it. Just bought one of the Omni Obsidium’s the omni is nice but if you’re looking for inexpensive, simple and effective get the 21M or the welcome kit which is a 20M. I will say this about the Dynavap it’s a completely different high than any of the others I’ve listed. Once you get the heating cycle right the Dynavap will knock you on your ass. I’ve had some pretty intense highs from my Dynavap. Just figured I’d give a little info for any people considering moving to vaping dry herb as opposed to combusting. Curious as to what vape devices some of you guys use and what your experiences have been. Also best method you’ve found to get the type of hits you’re looking for.


Yeah save your AVB it builds up pretty quick. It’s also the most cost effective way to decarb your herb, first you vape it than you make edibles. Win Win


Just bought a Storz & Bickel Plenty. Should be here in a week. I have a Zeus Arc GT, a GPen, and a Terp Torch. I just gave away my Arizer Q tower.

I really want to stop smoking and move entirely to dry herb vaping, but so far I am not happy with the experiences those other devices offer. Hoping the Plenty fixes that.

Anybody have experience with it?

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