Dry crispy leaves on new seedling transplants

I saw that it might be light stress or heat stress. But not sure. @Nicky said raise lights 4 inches so I did. My lux reading before increasing distance was 8000-12000.

Please help…this is my first indoor seed grow start. Moving outdoor when lighting coincides.


What light are you using and what is new lux readings?

Could be nutrients burn as well.
What soil or medium, what’s run off, how have you been feeding
What PH and ppm

No nutes. Just water. Minimal water as I transplanted yesterday. Raised the lights like you said. Don’t have new reading yet. Medium is lower layer ffof and internal pocket of ffhf to avoid nute shock. No pH meter yet, ordered new ppm and pH meter today be here Saturday. No runoff. Not watering to runoff yet new 5 gallon pots. Lights are 1200,1200,600. (235,235,125)

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Also I am doing about 1/4-1/2 cup water every 2-3 days.

Original lux reading 8000-12000

What type of light? Burple?

Blurple??? I have veg and bloom switch, right now it’s on veg only.

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Lux reading now around 5000.

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Okay so if you google “wave form lighting lux to PPFD” you should get a little calculator.
Put in your 5000 lux and select monochromatic blue led

That shows your getting 577 pffd in your veg, it’s perfect for now lots of light!
Now when you switch to bloom and veg you put red and blue option when you use the converter.
You want 800 to 1000 PPFD in flower and 400-600 in veg

When do I switch to bloom and veg…???

Also having humidity issue…29% but temp is 75°

What LED light do you have specifically? I would think you should be running both switches on for maximum output. The lux meters are ok but only if you cross reference it and calibrate it with a quantum sensor. The readings you got are more then likely not correct.

Lux reader is as close as anyone’s going to Get though, looking at a burples max par reading at X height won’t help nor will dance for amount of coverage diagrams because it doesn’t have a par /PPFD map.

If you put a bloom switch on you give more red, this changes the plant morphology to have it more short and bushy. Not what you want to do in veg phase.

Red light promotes stem elongation…blue light promotes plant mass(nodes, leaf’s, etc)
And I’m not saying you CANT measure with a lux meter…I just said until its calibrated properly it gives false results.

I think we would all love a par or PPFD meter but… There arnt any that are reliable thst don’t cost an arm and a leg

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For sure lol I can find something far greater to spend 500 dollars on then a par meter

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Yup. Exactly

How much water should I be giving them???

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Just grateful not long and leggy like last grow…I knew nothing about light distance from plants

They are still very small so don’t dround them but give them enough to soak the soil beyond where their roots are and then let it dry so their roots stretch into that space.
It comes with experience, should be watering every 2 or 3 days, use that to help you judge