Dry bud versus sticky bud and storage

I have been drying my buds and the first batch appeared to be too dry so i tried a second batch that is very sticky. The buds are now using gravity in the Mason jars to create a sticky bunch in the jar. My solution was to un jar them and put them on cookie sheets to dry more. The buds don’t have much smell. I grew purple kush and GDP. What do you guys think ? Get those humidity packs ?Thanks

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Yup. Humidity packa are more for storage but can assist getting ur moisture levels corrected.

If too wet, removing and setting out to dry helps. Brown paper bags help even more.

There are a few posts are overdrying. I usually just let the closed jar rehydrate for me. But at a certain point… ull need more then that. Some use a wet towel briefly in the same area. Someone said lettuce for 2 mins (be VERY careful with this one, lettuce is notoriously wet). And some used orange peels (can effect flavor and terps)


Haven’t seen you around and so with that being said, Welcome to our world of growing, here at ILGM and Welcome to our community.
Seems that you have that drying down. That’s a good thing. I use the paper bag my selsf


Thanks … glad to meet you all . This is my first grow so I appreciate all input.


No problem at all. Dont think i recall you around neither. Welcome to ILGM. Got any pics of the chop?