Dry and cured for RSO

Do i have to cure my buds in order to make RSO?. They are semi dry at the moment.
Appreciate advice.

You will get all of the potential potency if you wait till dry. I’m far from a pro but I have been a toker for a long time. :slight_smile:

Don’t know. I understand that drying is for smoking. If is just cut did drying really improve? After all, everything is soaked in solvent.

The effects of the oils will be better if the weed has time to at least dry. Even two months after harvest I notice the stuff is better. Don’t know what RSO stands for but if what you put into it is better, then the end result will be better. Weed right off the plant hasn’t had time for the sugars to change into thc.

RSO, it’s medical marijuana oil for illness.
It’s submerged in solvent in order to extract THC and CBD.
Appreciate your advice :grinning:

Oh, OK. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I need to learn about that so I can go easy on my lungs. I love to smoke. :sunglasses:

Every video I’ve watched on RSO it has been dried… If not for any reason to make the extraction process easier …when it’s in the alcohol you should break it up with your hands to get as much surface area exposed…hope this helped

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Thank you, appreciate :ok_hand:

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Recent studies say smoking cannabis has no long term I’ll effects on the lungs. And that the deep coughing it can cause actually helps clear out contaminates from the respiratory passages. Happy Toking!


I’m one of those “deep coughers” :joy:!!! I’ll back my lungs out and feel term times better after I do!!