Dry and crispy, I took this off of one of the main stalks. Spider mites maybe?

I was hoping to get away without spraying this year I’m about 2 weeks from Harvest

Sadly that looks like root and or stem rot. :pensive:

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It’s about 24 inches above ground. I may just spray my home made mite spay on that spot.

I have a severe history of spider mites on my property.

I agree. Stem rot. :+1::pensive:


I think I had the beginning of it from not dressing the wound from topping

I scraped it off using an exacto
Then put some honey on it that was like frosting

A few days later it looked like it was getting worse
So I mixed 3% H202 1 part to 3 parts water
And sprayed the crap out of it
Then took an aloe leaf and rubbed that all over

Those pics above are what it healed like before I harvested

Here’s the day I found it

None of the bud sites were ever effected

Now that you mention it, it looks very much like late blight on tomato stems. Which you would treat with peroxide and water. Sounds like you got the right way to go. Thank you!