Dry amendments questions

I’m considering trying my green thumb at organic grows with dry amendments. I was curious for some feedback and pros and cons to this plan. I have been watching several of Mr. Canucks Grow and trying to replicate his soil. From what I gather I mainly need:

Gaia Green 4.4.4 and 2.8.4
Some castings

Will be top dressing with the gaia Green. Has anyone tried this and what were your results?

Coco is a soiless medium, and has no nutrients in it. I recommend using a soil.


@Covertgrower could I just use something like happy frog and add dry amendments after a few weeks?

Happy frog will work too.

Most of the time, when you add dry amendments, you want your soil to “cook” for a few weeks. Adding it while plants are in there might increase pH imbalance ± nutrient issues. Within reason of course. A little top dressing here and there is fine.


I haven’t tried it yet but I think if a mix of 10% compost 60% coco 30% perlite with 10 tablespoons of dry amendments cooked 2 weeks to 1 month ahead of time will be rich enough to start a coco dry amend (or natural liquid) fert regiment

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I can dig your idea. The last run I had a seed that was part of an auto 10pk from Sweet seeds. Because it’s part of their deal idk what the strains were so I called em Mystery #1 and #2.

My Mystery #2 was only fed Down to Earth dry amendments and was set in coco. If you compare the ingredients of DTE Vegetable
Blend and their rose and Flower to Gaia Green you will see some similarities like they are both offer macro nutes in 444 and 484 respectfully. DTE is also stateside so you’re not getting jipped on shipping. The only thing to be aware of is, there are some differences in their feed compositions and you should compare that on the front side.

I pulled 50Gs off Mystery #2 in a 3 gal.smart pot, so…yeah. Got it done but I’m back to liquids cuz I get bored lol. Good luck.

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Yup I’m using DTE right now what deficiencies did you run in to (I’m using desulphured molasses and bloodmeal to compensate and feed the microbes but I’d still like to know)

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I think you are spot on with the blood meal because I hit a N deficiency extremely fast in transition that I roped in with compost teas using fish fertilizer, bat guano, and worm castings.

My mistake there was reading into his technique of top feeding for flower when in actuality DTE recommends to feed on a month by month basis. Now, I have some wedding cake in some standard soil with DTE. Been feeding it monthly with absolutely nothing else and no issues. Pics of it is in the see your buds now section (idk how to share that here).

My big take away is, if you’re going to use DTE with coco for autos we need to master the plants ability to uptake nutes early only on, so…mixing it with the coco and doing a top dress application in seedling stage is probably wise cuz we dont have time to play. A more wiser approach would be to use photoperiods instead of autos and its here I think you can begin to tweak, master, then move to coco. You’ve got me contemplating on a few beans I just popped. I might run two like this n see.

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I’m all revved up n ready to go. I think ima experiment with two autos from Sweet Seeds since if they crap out it’s no real lost as I got em for about $3 a piece. Coco and DTE 444;484 all the way. I should do a grow journal on em but I’m terrible with consistency haha. I’ll try to keep you updated.

For sure do it sweet seeds has some awesome hindu origin strains particularly their gorgeous reds

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Yeah I’m hoping to pull at least one Bloody Skunk outta this 10 pk if I’m lucky. I think the first I ran was Gelato based on bud structure but I’m not 100% sure. Either way it was way too indica dominant for me so I’ll have it for quite a while. Perfect for if you’re sick, in pain or need to chill out. I’ll keep u posted tho

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