DrWatson tries a SCROG!

Alright folks, after harvesting my Amnesia Haze Autos, I still had my grease monkey photo in the tent, that I have been training for months now. She’s been vegging for almost 3 months, so now it’s her time to shine.

I’ve watched many of you utilize the net during your grows, and seems to have led to lots of success for you, so wanted to give it a shot.

Anyhow, here is my specs of what I’m using currently.
Grease monkey photo, bag seed.
Grown in FFOF, with added perlite. The soil I transplanted her into was already washed from the previous grow, so am giving her full strength jacks, and have been doing so for a while now.
Lights are 2 cheap Amazon blurples, and a 1000w full spectrum, also kind of junk, but sufficient.
Temps and humidity in tent are between 77-84, and 45-55% RH.
Fans everywhere, lots of air circulation.
Fabric pots on stands
6in fan/filter combo
pH/TDS meters
There’s probably more information needed here, but this is more or less where I’m at. Just started letting her grow into the net, and have tucked her down underneath, and will continue to do so for another week or two before flipping the lights.

She has been topped, and mainlined, (sorta), and has lots of tops at the moment. She’s really going to fill out the net, and I’m extremely excited about it. She came from a bag seed that we got from some dispensary bud from Michigan. It was one of the best strains I ever consumed, and was so happy to see a seed fall out. We’ve had a few obstacles along the way, but this plant is tough. She never slowed down during the topping or lst, or during her multiple transplants. She’s a real trooper.


Omg looking good

If that a solo cup? I want to know how many amount on feed :grin::heart_eyes: :christmas_tree: that solo cup is hard mode

Happy growing :metal::christmas_tree::green_heart:

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@Mefis the solo cup was simply from germination. She was in there for about a month, in FFOF, so didn’t have to feed her, just water. Then she went to an ice cream bucket, with fresh FFOF soil, so again, just water. When I transplanted her into the 5 gal fabric pot, she had been getting jacks for a few weeks, and never missed a beat. Happiest plant I’ve ever seen lol

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Nice, i was thinking the solo cup it was a challenge :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I just said cuz i had a Blue dream auto in 1gl pot and for feed her i was need to wait to feed the big plants to feed her with 3/8 of gl :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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@VirginiaGrowBoy @1HappyPappy @PurpNGold74 @SilvaBack203 my new little project
@Bluntsmoke @Newbiegrower @noob_grower


Beautiful im here 4 the ride sign me up


Wow, and what great mainline training!

I’m here for the ride…and to learn!

Let me get my popcorn.


looking great, count me in on watching


Watching :eyes:


I’ll be honest, it started out as mainlining it, then I got a little sloppy and lazy and was just letting it grow. Recently took a bunch of clones off her, so figured it was time to get busy. I haven’t pulled the net down all the way yet, I took the pics when I was first getting started. It’s gotten a little more intense since then.

Appreciate you guys though, and looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Nicely done , great job and you will be happy once its done .

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I’ll tag along, if that’s OK.


I appreciate you guys tagging along. I learned so much from everyone who assisted with my autoflower grow, and absolutely love learning new methods and opinions on different styles of growing.

One big lesson I learned from the first grow, is that super cropping is an amazingly beneficial method to use. I used it with great success on one of my autos, and have basically cropped every branch on grease monkey so far, and intend to do so again during the first week or two of flower. I wanted to experiment a little with this one, since it is such a hardy, tough plant. I also took a bunch of clones from her, just in case…:person_shrugging:

Will be watering today, and will get more pictures of her all strapped down in the net.

Curious though, is it better to spread the branches to their own individual spot on the net from the bottom? Or go over/under until you reach as far as you can?
Seems going over/under would provide more stability, but just curious to hear your thoughts everyone

The goal is to keep your canopy flat until you flip (or shortly thereafter). How you do it is completely optional. I did all LST on this, and then put the frame over the buds for support.


Alright, day 105 for this girl. At this point I’m just tucking growth under the net and trying to stretch it as much as possible. At this rate, I’ll have the net full by next week, and can flip the lights and let the magic happen.


looking great. shes a big girl

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Shes gonna turn into a monster whenever you flip

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From what i see :eyes: in my opinion , i would give her some good additives boosters , trim everything beneath the screen right now naked completely , give her a week or two to recover as you tucking her new growth , and flip it , and start my butrients transition . And get ready for that 21 day trim .

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Right now I’ve just been using jacks321, but planned on doing some trimming tomorrow. Everyone in my house is currently sick, so it’s been a rough few days, and I immediately fell behind lol. But she’s going to get cleaned up quite a bit.

Day 111, and she is still growing great. I have been trimming the lower stuff off, and tucking branches, all trying to get my canopy as flat and neat as possible. I cut as much stuff off the bottom as I felt comfortable, and I took a ton. I did leave a little bit, but also hoping the branches stretch a little more which should even it all out nicely. Even the way it is, I’m still pretty happy with it. She’s smelling funky, so I’m pretty excited to flip her to flower. Originally, I had intended to so already, but I also wanted her to get pretty big, which I believe I have basically accomplished.
Still on the same feed and water schedule, and will begin flower nutes about a week or so after flipping.

Also, sorry, it didn’t occur to me earlier that a SCROG journal might get a little boring lol. Not a whole lot going on except trimming and watering and tucking branches. Have also continued to super crop individual branches where I can.