Drug test imminent, urinalysis!


Yeah that’s what I get so I know I have plenty to pour in the cup LoL


I’m not sure a category on how to beat drug test would be allowed by the front office Since we don’t promote any ileagal activities :wink: :wink: @Zombo
I wouldn’t be trying the bleach thing either
But a self test kit also and test before you go to lab my friend
Best wishes :v:CB

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Did my at home test this morning and am still positive! Stopped partaking now for 12 days… yikes… I guess my WW and AK has high levels cause I don’t smoke all that much, in my opinion lol

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Good luck it takes me over 30 days to clean out and I only smoke twice a day at lunch on my lunch break and at night when I go to bed!!

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Just curious if you’ve had the test yet and how did it turn out? I’m slowly catching up here.
Love, Granny :hugs:


Yes I did, but it took me most of 3-4 weeks to test negative… I had at home strips prior to going for urinalysis. I only smoke basically a half joint at most each day and it still took me that long? Guess the strains are strong from ILGM! hope your doing well and drying out… be safe @SmoknGranny

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Good! I’m glad you passed. :+1:
More rain coming in and they’re predicting snow in the NW part of Nebraska. I’m doing fine out in the county but the city is still having problems and are on water restrictions. I keep an eye on the local FB page and happy to see folks here helping each other. It renews one’s faith in your fellow humans!
I’m hoping things weather wise calms down soon so I can get stuff done outside. Hell, I’m still wearing my long underwear :rofl:

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