Drug test imminent, urinalysis!


I use heating pad on everything I use just check temp before going into take your test make sure it has a temp check on whatever you use


Oh I got ya, you said hand warmers, I know what you mean now… thx for info again @Jarnkat


I have friends in the medical field who also use and recommend the synthetic urine just make sure the temperature is not over the proper temp. The instructions give you a cupple options


Believe it or not I have passed my last six piss tests with nothing but flushing with water. And I’ve done it three times with only 4 hours notice. And I take a b complex vitiman abt two hours before the test. But u have to slam alot of water for four hours. The b vitiman its to add color to your piss. Good luck on your test​:v::call_me_hand:


I’ve done this in the past but it caused a diluted result. Some places see diluted is a fail.


@Dman1969 that can be a issue I know too many people who have failed because there urine was watered down one of which didn’t even smoke


Mabee I’m just lucky. I think the b vitiman is the secret it puts color back.


You might be on to something,I don’t know how they determine if it’s too diluted


Because it looks like water the b vitiman puts color back. I’m not pouring water in my pee. My tests are observed so they know I’m not putting anything it it. I’m just saying it’s working for me.


Did you know taking a lot of ibuprofen or any nsaid can cause a false positive. So I tell them I take a lot of ibuprofen and I take multi vitamins.


They determine urine is diluted by creatinine in your urine being abnormal. The color of the urine won’t change this. Possible the B complex brings the creatinine back to acceptable level. Not sure


Handwarmer the most important part, you wont pass without it


How much do you smoke if I may ask @Dman1969… I usually smoke everyday after work but maybe half a joint if I’m lucky… just once a day…


I knew it was not color based a friend of mine used the synthetic urine a month ago and it had no color the nurse even made a comment about it and he passed


That’s what I do I smoke a bowl or two in the evening.


Also make sure you bring a minimum of 60Ml that is going to be the little line on the cup that is the least amount you can give. They will make you drink and pee again or count as a fail.


Good to know! @Jarnkat


I use quick fix . I take 2 bottles in case they have any suspicions about the first one. Make sure hande warmer ant up next to your skin


If I remember correctly it’s 2fl.oz


Yes, 60ml is a little over 2 ounces, may get 3 ounce package… I ordered some thc test strips should have in a day or so, will do
My own test at home here by weekend which will be about 9 days off weed… see where I’m at @Jarnkat