Drug test imminent, urinalysis!

Good day folks, have a drug test coming possibly in the next 5-10days. Has anyone used a product or have any suggestions to beat a urinalysis test. Sucks since THC stays longer than most drugs. I have abstained since Mar 1 but everything I read says 30 days. I only smoke, nothing else. Thanks for any suggestions in advance


Hope your doing well my friend
You can go to gnc and ask them for a toxin flush tell them you want to flush all the toxins out of your system but don’t mention our beloved mmj cause they can’t leagally sell you the product to beat a drug test :wink: :wink:
I have done this in the past have this work for me
I also tested at home before heading to lab
I didn’t want Any surprises lol

I don’t remember the name of the stuff I used but I bought a few bottles and did a couple flushes last one the same day as test

Hope it goes well bro let us know


Thx for the info @Countryboyjvd1971, hope your doing well brother… I’ll check with GNC for sure


I know folks who used this…

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Quick fix synthetic urine beat every test every time!!


Thanks for the feedback @Poseidon @Jarnkat… have any of you folks used this personally?.. the fake urine seems to be a slam dunk, only issue is if it’s a monitored piss test?..

@Countryboyjvd1971, ILGM should have a category for this, imho… this way folks can talk about what worked or didn’t work… just spit balling… I’ve been researching and seems like there is a lot of crazy ideas out there, ideas that don’t seem safe at all … like drinking bleach or addingnit to the sample which will definitely cause a fail.

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I use and carry everyday you can order a packet with a hose and valve I passed 2 within the last 6 months with it


My current set up


Can you order this on line somewhere?

Yes let me see if I can figure out how to get the link

Boy, their after you. I’ve never heard of someone getting tested twice within 6 months period.

Thank You

It was my first test and then right when I made my 6 months mark bam they hit me with a surprise test, but I carry everyday!! Gonna have to catch me slipping lol

Make sure you get hand warmers as well to make sure you don’t pee cold!!

@Zombo - not personally, just friends. I have had a couple fail using fake urine. Test was monitored… I am not sure how they saw them… maybe they were careless.

I am curious… watching

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Best thing to use is a balloon you super glue the hose to it but a gas valve for like on a lawnmower. Put your pee in a bottle take the top from a gear oil container screw on bottle insert into hose squeeze pee into balloon then close valve. When you pee just open the valve and the balloon does the rest

For that price it better work. lol I was wondering if it would work when I have to have labs for my doctor. I go to a lab separate from the doctor and I always have to take pee test to see if I have diabetes. I just started smoking pot again 2 months ago and I’m getting ready for labs again. Don’t want to share with the doctor yet. Medical grass was passed in Illinois and Missouri, but they don’t have it set up yet so I don’t think it is legal for me yet.

I have never failed using quick fix hardest part is the temp as long as you can check it before you go in. Make sure temp is good you should be fine

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I search it on Amazon and it had a heating pack you put on bottle that keeps it at 90-98 degrees… not sure if putting it anything else would keep temps at correct body temperature? @Jarnkat